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    DSN (Data Source Names) page stores data extraction sources including data platforms such as Hive, Mysql, and Neo4j, as well as DAT and CSV file. It also stores Ultipa Graph sources for data to load into.

    Platform Data Source

    Data Source Name Names of data extraction sources or loading sources; customizable.
    Data Source Type Choose from Ultipa、Mysql、Neo4j、Hive.
    Hosts Specifies a data platform's server with format <hostname>:<port>, cluster urls allowed; provided by the system administrator.
    Username Generated and provided by the system administrator.
    Password Generated and provided by the system administrator.
    Graphset Applicable for Ultipa Graph for data loading, provided by system administrator, and accurate match with loading Graphset's name is required, otherwise the graphset is unable to connect.
    Database Applicable for data extraction sources such as Mysql, Neo4j, and Hive, provided by system administrator, and accurate match with loading Database's name is required, otherwise the database is unable to connect.

    Adding data extraction sources and loading sources is similar. Adding Ultipa Graph source is shown below:

    Diagram: Add Ultipa Data Source

    Modifying and adding data sources are similar: find target data source, click "Configure" button to modify source configurations, test connections, and save:

    Diagram: Modify Data Source

    If to delete a data source, users can find the target source from source list, click deletion icon in its accordant card, and confirm deletion in the poppup window to complete deletion:

    Diagram: Delete Data Source

    File Data Source

    Operation of data file sources is similar to importing data files in Ultipa Manager. Imported data files can be previewed in DSN page.

    Create File Data Source

    Data Source Name File data source's name; customizable.
    Type Choose from CSV or DAT files.
    Importing Type Choose from Node or Edge files.

    User need to create independant data sources for each node or edge file and they can not be imported at one time.

    Scroll down and find "File" section in DSN page, click "+" after it, and configure the new file data source in the poppup window.

    Drag and drop file in file area after configuration, then save:

    Diagram: Add File as Data Source

    After adding, click Preview icon in accordant card, and preview data files added:

    • Node File:
    Diagram: Node File Preview

    In node files, _uuid and _id are the system properties and unique identifiers of nodes.

    • Edge File:
    Diagram: Edge File Preview

    In edge files, _from_uuid and _to_uuid are directed edges' system properties; _uuid and _id are unique identifiers of edges.

    Modify File Data Source

    Click "Configure" in its accordant card to modify a file data source.

    Data Source Name Name of file data source; customizable
    file type The file type when importting, choose from Node or Edge.
    Column Seperator Dependant on file type: choose "," for CSV files and "|" for DAT files.
    Table Header Maker imports data in the 1st row as table header when switch it on; as common data when switch it off, in which case Maker will generate table header for imported data automatically.

    For example:

    Diagram: 修改文件数据源

    Delete File Data Source

    To delete a file source, click the delete icon and confirm deletion in poppup windows.

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