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  • Ultipa Graph V4


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  • Belief

    At Ultipa, we believe graph is the best data modeling and processing technology. As enterprises around the world are facing challenges that range from big data to fast data and eventually to deep data, graph database is the single most promising technology to overcome these challenges with real-time, maximal in-depth data mining and value extractions capabilities.

  • Goal

    Building the world's fastest and most-intuitive graph database is our original goal and has kept us busy and fulfilled. However, as we are marching forward and constantly evolving, we believe that we are helping and empowering more and more enlightened customers achieving their goals, ambitions and milestones sooner, easier, with higher ROI and lower TCO with our bleeding-edge graph database solutions.

  • Consciousness

    We have assembled a team that we believe we are drawn here to fulfill something meaningful, positive and help enlighten the world at large. It's consciousness that ensures we don't do evil, and we care about the greater common goods in our communities and in every partnership we forge with our customers, and it is with that intention, we leap forward and make impossible breakthroughs on daily basis.


Ultipa Graph

The world’s only 4th generation Graph Database

—— Real-time Graph Database

Dedicated to building world’s fastest and most intuitive graph database products and killer applications.

  • Intraday Liquidity System (Real-time Attribution Analysis, 3D Dashboard)
  • Asset-Liability Management System (Cross-indicator Attribution Analysis)
  • Comprehensive Risk Management (Market, Credit, Liquidity, etc.)
  • Real-time Decision Making (Online Fraud Detection)
  • Data Governance (RDA, Indicator/Product Management)
  • Next-gen BI System (Graph Augmented, White-box, Real-time)
Our Products
— Graph DBMS —
  • Ultipa Graph
  • Extensible Algorithms
  • Ultipa Manager
  • Ultipa Maker
  • Ultipa BI
  • Ultipa Cloud
— Graph Toolkits —
  • Daemon Service
  • API/Drivers
  • Deployer
  • CLIs
  • Transporter
— Fintech Solutions & Toolkits —
  • Liquidity Risk Management
  • Asset & Liability Management
  • Basel III Capital Compliance
  • FTP System
  • Intraday Liquidity Cash Management
  • RDA Compliance
  • EAST/1104
  • Financial Indicator Calculator
  • Data Lineage
  • Data Governance Verification Toolkit
  • Bank Risk Management
  • Market Risk Graph System
  • Retail Credit Risk Management
  • Real-time
  • Smart RTD
  • Smart Knowledge Graph
— General Solutions —
  • Data Lineage Toolkit
  • Data Governance Verification Toolkit
  • Smart RTD System
  • Smart Knowledge Graph
  • Graph Augmented BI
  • Graph Embedding AI
  • Ultipa Cloud
— Healthcare —
  • Virus Transmission Risk Detection
  • Personalized CDM
  • Health Service Graph 4 Insurance
  • Risk Factor Analysis 4 Disease Assessment
  • Founded by seasoned entrepreneurs and inventors from Silicon Valley.
  • Core team from HBS, THU and other prestigious universities, and global Fortune-500 companies.
  • Tackling business challenges with graph augmented intelligence. Building HTAP Graph DB & Killer Apps for BFSI core and high-value scenarios.
  • Investors including prestigious Sovereign Wealth Fund and Venture Capital institutes.
  • Board Member of LDBC (Int’l org. behind GQL standard).
  • Serving BFSI & Healthcare customers worldwide.

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