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Synergized LLMs + Graphs

The unification of LLMs and graphs presents compelling opportunities to augment the capabilities, intelligence, and interpretability of AI systems.

AI/ML Augmentation/Acceleration

Incorporate Graph Augmented Intelligence (XAI or GAI) into existing AI/ML/DL systems to elevate business operations to the next level.


Businesses are in an era that demands stronger shield against cybercrimes. Utilizing graph databases like Ultipa can be the key to safeguard your network.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

By utilizing graph databases, businesses can gain real-time visibility, optimize logistics, increase efficiency, and improve decision-making.

ESG Reporting

By leveraging graph technology, the burden of data management is greatly alleviated, enabling companies to harness the full potential of their ESG initiatives.

Knowledge Graph

At the heart of knowledge graphs lies the graph database, serving as a foundation that provides performance, scalability, and flexibility.

Customer 360

Graph technology offers a promising approach to gaining a more complete understanding of customers and getting closer to the ultimate vision of a highly-productive Customer-360.

Emerging Infectious Diseases Transmission

Predict and prevent the tranmission of new emerging infectious diseases (EIDs) with network analysis.

Energy Management System (EMS)

Boosted productivity and scalability of energy management workflow.

Graph Augmented BI

Real-time graph computing for smart enterprise. Behold the power of next-gen BI+AI (Augmented Intelligence).

Smart Search and Recommendation

A graph-powered solution that allows fastest and smartest system with low TCO and high ROI to be truly intuitive.

Risk Factor Analysis of Disease Assessment

Identify the top contributing factors per any disease assessment with high visualization features offered by Ultipa Manager.

Health Service Graph System for Insurers

One set of system is all you need to maintain a powerful, robust, dynamic, and all-in-one health service system!

Personalized Chronic Disease Management

Let the treatment records and results of those who experienced the similar pain to you speed up your regain of health.

Virus Transmission Risk Detection

Real-time tracing of virus transmission based on multi data fusion with high visualization and intuitiveness.

Smart Enterprise Graph - UBO

Smart correlation and deep penetration of enterprise data. Superfast value extraction and risk identification.

Real-time Decision-Making (Anti-Fraud)

Lightning-fast connected data processing and decision-making. Microsecond fraud detection with 100% online model execution.

Asset & Liability Management

World’s 1st real-time graph computing powered ALM system with ultimate performance, cross-indicator attribution analysis, and deep insights.

Liquidity Risk Management

Unprecedented intraday liquidity risk and cash management, real-time LCR and attribution analysis, in highly interactive dashboard.

Hear What Others Say About Us

“Focused on building the world's fastest and most intuitive graph database system, Ultipa is currently serving the world's largest banks, financial services, stock exchanges and multinational corporations. Ultipa is committed to bringing its leading graph technology into the IT world, striving to provide the ultimate data architecture and computing technology to maximize real-time value exploration and extraction.”

—— DJ Metzer Senior Producer from CNBC

“With incredible interpretability, graph data architectures can be widely used to model data with complex connections, such as social networks, transaction networks, knowledge graphs, etc. Today the architecture design of high-performance graph databases has become one of the hottest points in the modern business. And in-depth application and empowerment of Ultipa graph-augmented technology in the financial industry definitely allows us to see the great prospects and values of data transformation that can only be realized by graph analysis.”

—— Head of Key Financial Services’ Data Strategy & Transformation from IBM

“Ultipa real-time Smart Business & Asset Liability Management system absolutely filled the gaps of rules, knowledge, perspectives across multi departments, it provides a fair platform where every stakeholder can talk on the same page under the same data set. Based on actual financial data, all conclusions are drawn via real-time computing, so it greatly saves the time and efforts spent on alignment and negotiations among treasury personnel, managers, and IT staff.... this solution keeps playing a key role in organization-wide coordination and management, improving the quality and efficiency of our business operations.”

—— Head of Asset Liability Management Department from CMB

“Faced with massive and complex data processing and data security issues in our banking business, PAB is still able to respond to customer needs quickly, safeguard the risk control and security, and exploit the power of deep data correlation with the help of Ultipa's leading real-time graph computing and graph embedding AI technology.”

—— Head of PAYH Retails Department

“We are truly excited about what differences the deployment of liquidity risk management system based on Ultipa Graph real-time graph database can make to the analysis and decision-making of all relevant business indicators for our customers!”

—— Vice President of BOE

“Known as graph database that has “nuclear-level” computing power, Ultipa Graph processes dynamic and multi-model data through high-dimensional data architecture, provides real-time data correlation, penetration, releases the most valuable insights on business from data, and it has become the most powerful weapon to empower smart enterprises with graph-augmented intelligence for digital transformation, expediting the next-generation Business Intelligence.”

—— DJ Metzer Senior Producer from CNBC

“Ultipa products’ capabilities have been fully verified in the capability tests of data loading, K-neighbor query, path query, graph algorithms, real-time updates, ease of use, secondary development and other indicators in a number of general-purpose and public databases’ performance benchmarking tests. For example, on K-neighbor queries, Ultipa is at least 10 times faster than graph database products worldwide. In fact, for more than 6 hops of ultra-deep queries, only Ultipa can return results; In the graph algorithms’ tests, many DBMS cannot run algorithms at all, only Ultipa succeeded.”

—— Director of AI Technology

“Data warehouses and big data systems based on relational data architecture are failing us with their growingly complexed operations, lower efficiency, and larger time consumption, you can almost not expect to see data that are stored in data lake again. Ultipa’s next-generation real-time graph data management system, however, shows us its outstandingly fast, real-time, and accurate computing power when handling sea-volume and dynamic data and demands derived, we’ve also benefited a lot from its ease of use, flexibility, and cost-saving advantages.”

—— Head of PAYH Technology Management Department

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