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Visualized Data Management

Visualization is extremely beneficial to graph database, traditional CLIs have no way to present graph datasets intuitively. Now users can conveniently and productively operate on graph data over performance tuned web-based Ultipa Manager.

  • Intuitive & Convenient Operation
  • Extensible Graph Algorithms
  • Graph Modeling Supported

Design Your Graph

Allows users to design and program the display style of graph data. Users can pragmatically process and render graph data in a WYSIWYG way. For example, set the color of any node or edge as you like, making it extremely intuitive to grasp the value of such data.

  • Online Programming
  • Customized Design
  • UQL Supported

2D/3D Rendering

Another cool feature offered by Ultipa Manager is allowing users to switch between 2D and 3D mode, so that to make otherwise tedious data analytics smooth and hassle-free. Ultipa Manager has performance finetuned all display modes so that you don’t have to experience sluggishness like you do on other platforms.

  • Rich Graph Layouts
  • Exceptional Sensory Experience

Corporate Guarantee Fraud

Globally, the majority of commercial banks’ profit come from corporate loans. The banks use collateral to counter the risk of a potentially bad loan, and it’s called: corporate guarantee. When an entity (a corporate or a person, say, A) applies for a loan from the bank, the bank requires another entity (usually another corporate, say, B) to financially guarantee that if the original entity A fails to pay the loan back, party B will pay the loan off on A’s behalf.

Realtime Decision Making

The advent of big-data era has not only seen the volumes of the data ever-growing, but also the complexity and variety of data, more and more real-world business decision makings are relying on understanding how data are related to, correlated or associated with each other.

Ultipa Graph

Empowering smart enterprise with graph augmented intelligence