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Virus transmission detetion plays an important role in the control of epidemic spreading. To minimize the infected population, virus transmission path should be detected in the earliest stage. By ingetrating informaiton of people, traffic, places and events, once a case is confirmed, previous tracks of the case are easily pulled and people in different levels of contact are highlighted for quarantine plan to take place.

  • Pain Points
  • Complex Data Structure

    To cover multi-dimensional data such as social relationships, transportations and locations, the traditional databases need to build a large number of tables, which is costy and complex both when designing and developing.

    Natrual High Dimensionality

    Ultipa graph database naturally supports multi-dimensional data structures, whatever complex data models can quickly be built and maintained in a way as intuitive as you can imagine.

  • No Visualization

    Relational database displays data in the form of two-dimensional data tables, which hardly shows the complex track of virus transmission.

    High Visualization

    High visualization and multi-view display of Ultipa Graph Database helps analysts quickly find the target persons and lock the key paths.

  • Low Efficiency

    The high complexity of the analysis process makes the blocking of virus transmission inefficient.


    Real-time analysis with high dimension and high complexity improves the analysis efficiency hundreds of times.