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Extremely Fast & Deep Traversal

Ultipa Cloud offers lightning-fast graph computing experience allowing you to achieve or surpass your innovation goals with lesser cloud resources and in shorter latency. You will be able to process graph data set of any scale in genuine real-time and orders of magnitude faster and deeper than any other graph database vendors.


Unprecedented Demi-schema & Multi-graph

Ultipa Cloud is extremely flexible in terms of graph data modeling, be it schema-free or highly schematized, you may have the best of both worlds in one setup. Ultipa also supports multi-graph which is more intuitive and natural in resembling real-world business scenarios which can hardly be supported by simple-graphs. Developers will save at least 75% of their time coding with Ultipa UQL comparing with SQL or other graph query languages.


3D Visualization & Low-Code BI

Ultipa Cloud comes with full-featured Ultipa Manager which is a highly-intuitive, visualized web-based low-code graph management suite, supporting 2D and 3D visualization, hot-pluggable rich-set of graph algorithms, and extensible to best match your innovation needs -- if you desire to craft a low-code BI system out of the manager, you may contact Ultipa support team.

Our newly released "Database as a Service" product, Ultipa Cloud (Beta), is desgined to levitate your imagination of Graph Database in the Cloud with the convenience of pay-as-you-go,and best-of-breed embedded tools.

Ready to Start

Feature Highlights

Ultipa Cloud (Beta) comes with baked-in best practices and tools to bring you unsurpassed one-stop experience of Ultipa Graph in the cloud.


Our subscription plans are designed to pertain to both individuals and organizations.


80% shorter time for development and deployment that allows for 5X time-to-value and time-to-market.


Simplistic operation and maintanence: backup, recovery, or clone anytime with just one click.


We encourage smart deals, so your usage and prices are under your control.


Our services on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud cover regions and areas all around the world.


Your vCPU, memory, disk storage, graph scale---everything can be adjusted to your demand anytime.

Absolute freedom to pay-as-you-go!

Start’n stop anytime you like, and only get charged for the part you used.


For learning and exploring the cool features by Ultipa Graph with minimal cost.

  • vCPU 2
  • Memory 8G
  • Storage 40G
  • Full Graph Features
  • Basic Graph Algos
  • Convenient CLI toolkit
  • 2D/3D Manager

Starting at $0.61/hr*
Billed on a per-second basis


For application development and testing.
Minimal configuration required.

  • vCPU Up to 192
  • Memory Up to 2T
  • Storage Up to 4T
  • Superfast Graph Algos
  • Convenient CLI toolkit
  • 2D/3D Manager
  • Dynamically Resizable
  • Friendly Online Support

Starting at $1.14/hr*
Billed on a per-second basis


For production applications with sophisticated workload requirements. Advanced configuration controls.

  • vCPU Unlimited
  • Memory Unlimited
  • Storage Unlimited
  • Full Features of Standard Edition
  • Advanced Algos & AI Algos
  • Training and Certification
  • Significant Discount
  • 7*24 Technical Support
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Enterprise grade high-performance graph DBMS with HTAP-capability, high-availability, ability of ultra-deep graph traversal, rich collection of graph algorithms and intuitive web management GUI.