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High Performance

Integrated with high density parallel graph computing engine that enables microsecond and ultra deep (> 10 Steps) queries on any graph sizes and in realtime

Microsecond and Ultra Deep Query

High Density Computing

HDC Algorithm

Supports large collections of comprehensive graph algorithms, such as ranking, connectivity, centrality, similarity, community detection, graph embedding and more. The key thing is that we have engineered all of these algorithms to run with High Density Computing Technology. And, this is critical for complex and large graph dataset computing needs.

  • High Density Computing
  • Low Latency
  • 10-10,000x Faster
  • Online Installation

HTAP Cluster

Supports HTAP high availability cluster deployment. Users can deploy Hybrid Transactional & Analytical Processing capabilities all in one cluster. The cluster offers decentralized services and an auto-election system, which means even a portion of the cluster is offline, the business will remain online and available.

  • High Availability Service
  • Efficient Election Strategy
  • Dynamic Role Configuration
  • Remote Disaster Recovery

Fast Deployment

Supports one-click deployment, making virtualization, cloudification and micro service architecture easy to realize. The operations are easy, deployments are fast and configurations are sweat-free.

  • Container Supported
  • Micro Service Architecture
  • Native Cloud
  • Simplistic Configuration
  • Easy Operation
  • Fast Implementation

Fast Migration

Ultipa Graph comes with Ultipa Connectors to facilitate migrating data from any sources such as Oracle, Mysql, Hive or other graph databases. Ultipa Connector provides high performance I/O to transfer data with simple and straightforward configurations.

  • Simple Configuration
  • Fast Data Transfer
  • Rich Data Source Support