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The HSGSI by Ultipa provides the technological advancements that the worldwide insurers are looking for, to solve their siloed systems problem - their current IT infrastructures are each built with a specific purpose and they end up having dozens of, if not hundreds of, siloed systems which introduces great obstacles to the data exchange between systems.

  • Pain Points
  • Siloed Systems

    Traditional systems were built with rigid system designs, usually with two-dimensional table designs that only cater to database columns and rows, different systems apply varied therefore incompatible table designs. It's been difficult to have one set of data from one system easily flow through other systems due to architecture, communication protocol differences.

    All-In-One Graph System

    Graph database system changes all this non-sense, it is designed to connect heterogeneous types of data, dynamically and on the fly. Insurers only need one set of system, one architecture and one logically unified set of graph data to have all data connected, so that information flows through the system smoothly, and with great explanability.