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CDM (Chronic Disease Management) has long been a challenge, dilemma and pain-point faced by health-care service providers, patients and hospitals. The gist of personalized CDM is all about unison of data and logic, specifically various personal and medical data that are collected from patients, and clinical treatment logics or guidelines that health-care providers follow routinely.

  • Pain Points
  • Lack of Personalization

    Lack of personalized CDM is a major lacking feature in the market, without personalized CDM, patients will never receive the desired level disease management they deserve, and hospitals and service providers can hardly keep up with the needs from their patients.

    Doctor-Patient Data Fusion

    The organic combination of both medical data of various patients and treatment by clinic, or with running data through the logics that are represented in a personalized CDM knowledge graph, makes the precision medicine possible, and real-time graph computing sweetens the pot to make real-time management a readily hanging fruit.