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There are many attributes when we try to identify the risk factors associated with certain diseases, especially during the pandemic of COVID-19 in recent years – given the dynamics and fast changing environment and inputs. RFDA by Ultipa is such a function pool that allow dynamic factors to be input and analyzed and top risk factor to be identified.

  • Pain Points
  • Low Flexibility

    Healthcare professionals can not get satisfying result by using traditional, statistic research methodologies, that the newly found high potential risk factors cannot be involved and considered as the real-situation goes, and the recognition of top contributing risk factors are always difficult.

    Ease of Use

    By using real-time neuromorphic deep graph computing methodology, healthcare professional can quickly build, update in real-time disease assessment knowledge graph, adding new risk factors or adjusting weight of any factor in white-box explainable fashion, and seek for causality paths or networks between or among any number of factors.