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Ultipa DBaaS (Ultipa Database as a Service) is an end-to-end solution integrating Ultipa Server and Ultipa Manager, offered over public clouds which offer full spectrum features of Ultipa’s award winning graph database and highly visualized knowledge graph. It’s easy to purchase, deploy and use, and it’s cheap – you have the freedom to pay-as-you-go, you will love the unprecedented performance and intuitiveness offered by Ultipa DBaaS!

  • Pain Points
  • No One-Stop Solution

    Design of graph databases is usually sophisticated, and deploying infrastructure components like databases on-prem is expensive and complex, the overall user experience from deployment to daily operations are equally challenging to the end users.

    1-Click Deployment

    Ultipa DBaaS/SaaS saves your enterprise from sophisticated IT infrastructure and lets you run your business with a much lower TCO and a significant overall cost saving.

  • Too Few Use Cases

    If your experience with graph database has been a bumpy and unfruitful process, you may have a very limited view about the potentials of graph.

    Abundant Use Cases

    Ultipa DBaaS/SaaS provides a bunch of use cases which are helpful demonstrations of how a graph database can empower the transformation of enterprise IT from informatization to intelligence.