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    Thanks for reading Ultipa Maker User Guide. If you have any questions about the guide, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

    The Ultipa Maker User Guide includes:

    • Login
    • Project
    • DSN
    • User (Applicable for admin and root accounts)


    For better usage of Ultipa Maker, it is highly recommended to have a good understanding of Ultipa Graph's terminologies listed below:

    Name Description
    DSN Data Source Name, representing platforms or files from which data is extracted; users can manager and configure multiple data sources in DSN page.
    ETL Extract, Transfer, and Load data; a migration project to Ultipa Graph must be composed of one or more ETLs. ETL configuration and management can be done in ETL page.
    Project Stands for data migration projects, users can manage and configure multiple projects in Project page.
    Node In graph theory, a node is formally called a 'vertex'. In Ultipa Graph, we call vertex 'node'.
    Edge Edge connects a pair of nodes, there are (1) directed edge and (2) un-directed edge (see the description of 'Direction' below).
    GraphSet A GraphSet comprises a set of nodes and edges along with indexes, user privilleges and algorithmic tasks created on the graph. In Ultipa Graph system, user can create more than one GraphSet.
    Schema In Ultipa Graph system, a schema of node or edge includes a set of properties that describe the structure and content of node or edge. Each node or edge can only belong to one schema.
    Property A property belongs to a schema and is used to describe the character of nodes or edges. Property supports rich data types such as int32, float, string, and some data structures such as array, dictionary.
    ID (_id) Unique identifier exclusive to the node. It is stored as string.
    UUID (_uuid) Unique identifiers for nodes and edges. It is stored as uint64.
    Edge Start (_from, _from_uuid) The ID or UUID of the start node of directed edge.
    Edge End (_to, _to_uuid) The ID or UUID of the end node of directed edge.
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