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Ultipa Transporter

Ultipa Transporter is a command line based, light-weighted add-on product for bulk import/export meta-data (node/edge file) to/from a graphset in the Ultipa Graph Database, from/to a local data file. Various versions of Ultipa Transporter are provided in adaption to differnt versions of Ultipa Servers.

Below are some main features shared across different versions of Ultipa Transporter:

  • local import/export
  • remote import/export
  • availability of insert, update-insert and overwrite during import
  • concurency, batching and log during import
  • automatic create graph if not exist
  • automatic create nodes if not exist when importing edges
  • avoid duplicated checking of nodes when importing edges
  • specified initial position and total length of data to import
  • error report
  • solution of header-column mismatching and case of missing header
  • compatibility of file encodings and column separators

For detailed information of Ultipa Transporter please contact Ultipa Team.