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Basic Introduction

Ultipa Graph is a set of ultra-high-performance graph computing service framework and storage infrastructure. The Ultipa Graph product matrix contains the followings:

  • World's fastest real-time graph computing engine
  • High-performance, high-availability, persistent storage services
  • Knowledge graph system that are easy to consume and with great visualization and interpretability
  • Feature-rich CLI toolkit
  • High-performance and flexible Import/Export toolkit
  • Easy-to-deploy Docker images
  • SDKs that support mainstream programming languages
  • Super-easy-to-use Graph Query Language: uQL (Ultipa Query Language)

Ultipa Graph supports a rich collection of query methods, loads of ultra high performance graph algorithms, and real-time processing against large amounts of data. One salient feature of Ultipa Graph is that most of the previous T+1 operations are implemented and realized as real-time or T+0 operations, which will save a huge amount of time and effort from the user's perspective. The mission of Ultipa is to empower real-time connection finding for all.

About SDKs

  • The SDK interfaces introduced in this document is compatible with Java 8 and above.
  • All SDK interfaces are subject to the uQL manual ULtipa Graph Query Handbook.


  • Java version 8 +

  • Acquire the latest version of ultipa-sdk-java-xxx.jar (contact Ultipa Support) and store it under directory lib.

  • For projects built on Maven, add below dependencies to pom.xml

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