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Graph Algorithms Visualization

The real application scenarios of large graphs frequently involve graph algorithms. Ultipa Manager encapsulates graph algorithms based on below categories:

  • Similarity: various kinds of similarity calculations such as Jaccard, Cosine, etc.
  • Community detection: such as Louvain community detection, label propagation LPA, belief propagation, etc.
  • Centrality & adjacency: all kinds of ranking algorithm, circle detection, relevance matching, closeness analysis, etc.
  • Degree: all kinds of outDegree/InDegree calculation, etc.
  • Path & flow calculation: calculations of MST (minimum spanning tree), connected sub-graph, path distribution, etc.
  • Graph matching and query
  • Graph embedding and graph convolution: such as Random Walking, node2vec, word2vec, struc2vec, LINE, etc.

Ultipa graph algorithms are coded in compliance with industrial standard and optimized with highly parallel computing; a large number of graph algorithms are completed in real time or near real time. For example, the Louvain community detection algorithm that requires multiple iterations over a full set of data (all nodes and edges) runs hundreds to thousands of times better on Ultipa Server than on other graph databases, graph computing engines, or Python libraries.

Ultipa Manager provides a very friendly user interface for running graph algorithms. Users can select the algorithm from Algo dashboard and enter values of the required parameters for calculation; no need to manually enter the UQL command in the CLI.

Under Algo module in the sidebar, algoritms are categorized and displayed in widgets. To install algorithms, click the icon on the top right corner:

The installation procedure requires both the installation package (.so) and the interface configuration (.yml), please contact Ultipa Team to acquire these resources.

See an example of algorithm execution with property written into the graphset:

Enter the parameter page of 'KHop Whole Graph' and fill 'write_db_property' with 'kNum', run the algorithm and get:

Back to the Schema module and find that property 'kNum' is already created:

Users should study Ultipa Graph Analytics and Algorithms before executing any graph algorithm in Ultipa Manager.

See an example of algorithm execution with file written into the algorithm task:

In the parameter page of 'KHop Whole Graph' fill 'write_db_filename' with 'khop1', run the algorithm and get:

Click the link 'khop1' in the 'Result' and download the file:

See an example of algorithm execution with direct return of result:

In the parameter page of 'KHop Whole Graph' switch on 'return' and fill the return statement, run the algorithm and get:

Each row in the returned table represents a node in the graphset and the number of its 1-hop neighbors.

To check all the algorithm tasks of the current graphset, switch to 'Task List' next to the 'Algorithm List'. Here users can filter the tasks of any type of algorithm:

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