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    Function Preview

    Ultipa Manager, also known as Ultipa Knowledge Graph, is an integrated web front-end management, operation and query portal of Ultipa DB and Ultipa Server. Ultipa Manager provides core function modules including list, 2D and 3D view of query result and graph computing result, graphset management, schema management, graph modeling, style DIY, graph algorithm hot-insertion and removal, secondary development and batch import and export of meta-data, etc. Ultipa Manager is a powerful tool to help business personnel quickly realize their business logic.

    All the Ultipa algorithms are processed under high-concurrent mode with sufficient engineering optimization, and its performance is exponentially improved compared with other graph databases and graph computing frameworks. Algorithms that are traditionally considered extremely complex and time-consuming (usually run on huge graphs with millions of nodes and edges) can be implemented in real-time (microsecond-millisecond) or near real-time (second-minute) with Ultipa.

    Ultipa Manager has below user interfaces:

    • User Login(Diagram 1-1)
    • Main page(Diagram 1-2)
    • Current graphset and cluster information(Diagram 1-3)
    • Graphset display setting(Diagram 1-4)
    • User policies and privileges management(Diagram 1-5)
    • UQL query result interface(Diagram 1-6-1、1-6-2)
    • Graph algorithms dashboard(Diagram 1-7)
    • 2D graph view operation interface(Diagram 1-8)
    • Graphsets management and file import/export(Diagram 1-9)

    Screenshots of these interfaces are provided for a quick view:

    Diagram 1-1:Ultipa Manager User Login

    Diagram 1-2:Ultipa Manager Main Page (after logged-in)

    Diagram 1-3:Current Graphset and Cluster Information

    Diagram 1-4:Graphset Display Setting

    Diagram 1-5:User Policies and Privileges Management

    Diagram 1-6-1:UQL Query Result Interface(2D)

    Diagram 1-6-2:UQL Query Result Interface(3D)

    Diagram 1-7:Graph Algorithms Dashboard

    Diagram 1-8:2D Graph View Operation Interface(left click/right click menu)

    Diagram 1-9:Graphsets Management and File Import/Export

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