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    Manage Instance

    Users can click "Action" to manage their instances. If the instance runs into any problems, please visit Ultipa Q&A Platform or contact Ultipa Support Team to ask for help.

    Diagram: Instance Actions


    To start an instance, click "start" and the instance will be put into starting status which may take few moments to complete.


    If to restart an instance, users need to click "Restart" to start the instance again and the instance's starting status may take few moments.


    Reset Root Account Password

    Root account's password for an active instance can be reset in instance configurations. Click "Reset Password" under account setting, enter verification code sent to registered email address:

    Diagram: Reset Root Account Password


    To backup present data in an active instance, click "backup" and confirm your action in the popup window.

    Diagram: Create A Backup

    Users can backup an instance for multiple times and add tags to backups for differetiation, or refer to create_time and size.

    Diagram: Add a Tag to New Backup


    To recover a backup, users need to find the backup based on its detailed information: tag, created time, and size; click "Recover" and confirm this action in the popup window.

    Diagram: Recover a Backup

    Note: After recovered to a backup version, the instance will be automatically restarted.


    To empty an instance means to delete all existing data in an active instance. Click "Configure", then click "Empty", then enter instance name to confirm this action:

    Diagram: Delete Instance Data

    Note: Empty operation does not clear backups, users can recover instance data to a selected backup version.

    Change Instance Size

    Ultipa Cloud instances are dynamically resizable. To change the instance size, users need to stop the instance first, click "Configure", then click "Change Instance Size", and select another region or instance type for updates:

    Diagram: Change Instance Size

    Note: After changing instance size, the instance will be automatically restarted.


    Note: When an instance is stopped, users will only be charged for storage usage.

    When users need to stop an instance, click "Stop" and the instance will be put into stopping status which many take few minutes to take effect.

    Diagram: Stop an Instance


    Warning: To terminate an instance means to delete target instance and its data contained completely, which is irrevocable and unrecoverable.

    If users decide to terminate an instance, click "Terminate" and input the instance name to confirm the action.

    Diagram: Terminate an Instance

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