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    Getting Started

    Sign Up

    To login to Ultipa Cloud services, users need to register an Ultipa account from Ultipa Official Website:, or from

    By clicking “Ready to Start” in Ultipa Cloud page, users will be directed to Sign Up page:

    Diagram: Ultipa Cloud Login

    And then create the Ultipa account as required:

    Email An email address provided by the user, a work email address is highly recommended to use. Not modifiable after the account is created.
    Password This password must be a combination between 8-64 characters of at least 3 from the followings: uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters (such as @*&#) and it must not be identical to your email address.
    Security Code For security checks, generated by the system.
    Email Code For verification, generated by the system and sent to the user's email address.

    Important: please keep your account information confidential, as they will be used as the only identifier for accessing and using Ultipa Cloud services and the key information to keep your account information secure.

    Sign In

    User will be able to login with the created Ultipa account by clicking "Sign in".

    Apply to Use

    Ultipa Cloud Beta is a limited release, only open to applicants with an approval, users are welcome to apply for use.

    It may take 2~3 days for the application to process. To speed up the review process, it is recommended to complete the 4-question applicant survey following:

    Diagram: Ultipa Cloud Applicant Survey

    GUI Introduction

    There are 4 main modules in Ultipa Cloud GUI:

    • Ultipa Graph (where the user could create, view, and manage instances)
    • Billings (where the user could pay for their bills generated by their monthly usage)
    • Accounts (where the user can view and modify their account information)
    • Help (where the user can find Ultipa Graph resources as well as Ultipa Cloud team's support by submitting questions)
    Please complete the following information to download this book