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      Server Connection via Manager

      This document introduces how to save Ultipa Graph server information, login to Ultipa Graph, and switch server connection by using Ultipa Manager.


      Ultipa Manager (refered as 'Manager' hereafter) is a web application designed to work compatibaly with Ultipa Graph, offering VS Code-styled UQL editor and visualization windows for UQL results. Users can edit, send UQL to designated server with great ease, also have a powerful sensory experience of UQL results visualized in 2D/3D mode.

      Manager also supports algorithm visualization, file import/export, hot-plugin, providng a one-stop solution integrating graph database, server cluster, data cluster, configurations and user authentification.

      Manager can save database server's login information to simplify the repetitive operations of connecting Utipa Graph. Users can save multiple server information in their Manager account and switch server connection whenever necessary.

      After connecting to server, Manager listens to the working status of each node in clusters and automatically switch to other usable nodes when the present node connected gets offline.

      How to connect to Ultipa Graph

      Connection to Ultipa Graph via Manager does not require any coding works, but simply 3 steps:

      1. Login to Manager

      Login to Manager with account username and password, or create an account.

      Google Chrome browser is recommended.

      2. Save server information

      After logining to Manager, to build a new server connection requires a server (either single or clustering) address, an username, and a password. The connection name is also definable by the user.

      If to add a cluster's addresses, use "," to separate each node's address. The username and password of the server should be provided from an Ultipa Graph administrator.

      3. Test and connect

      After saving the connection, Manager automatically tests the connection, and it is connectable if the top part of the card turns green. Clicking "Test" can test the connection manually, clicking "Open" connects to the database and users can start to operate on it.

      After connecting to an Ultipa Graph sever (cluser), users can view the present server (cluster) information, and change the theme of Manager.

      For users whose Manager account saves multiple connection information, they can switch to another connection anytime.

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