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Change Nickname

Current Nickname:

Server Connection

Connection Configuration

The Configuration for connection and request to ultipa graph

Key Type Description
Hosts []string Ultipa Graph Hosts List
Username string the username string
Password string password of username
DefaultGraph string the graph to use when connection is established
MaxRecvSIze int max byte when receive data
Consistency bool if use Consistency Read
CurrentGraph string the graph to use in run-time
Timeout uint32 the timeout seconds for any request
Debug bool if open debug mode
HeartBeat int the seconds of heartbeat to all instances, 0 means turn off heartbeat

Create Ultipa Client by Configuration

// Create a Connection Configuration
config := configuration.NewUltipaConfig(&configuration.UltipaConfig{
    Hosts: []string{"", "", ""},
    Username: "root",
    Password: "root",

// Get Ultipa Client Instance
client, err := sdk.NewUltipa(config)

Request Configuration

User can change request configuration in any request api

Key Type Description
GraphName string change CurrentGraph
Timeout uint32 timeout seconds
Host string use special host as request target
UseMaster bool consistency read, force to use leader
InsertType ultipa.InsertType InsertType_NORMAL, InsertType_OVERWRITE, InsertType_UPSERT
CreateNodeIfNotExist bool used for insert edges
// Use default configuration as request configuration and send uql request
resp, _ := client.UQL("find().nodes() as nodes return nodes limit 10", nil)

// Change Timeout to 20 seconds and send uql request
rConfig := &configuration.RequestConfig{
    Timeout: 20,

resp2, _ := client.UQL("find().nodes() as nodes return nodes limit 10", rConfig)
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