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      Thanks for reading Ultipa Graph Query Language Handbook. If you have any questions about the handbook, please do not hesitate to contact our Technical Team.

      Change Log (V4.1 to V4.2):

      Server Updates:

      • Improved metadata structure and reduced memory usage.
      • Improved data storage and data modification.
      • Supports EXTA (Extended Algorithm and All) that allows users to write custom algorithm plug-ins and function plug-ins.
      • Adds Server.docker_mem_usage_path and Server.memory_max_limit in config to allow memory limit control for Cloud version.
      • Supports setting time-zone for timestamp via SDKs.

      UQL New Features:

      • Supports property type text that does not have length limit.
      • Data type list (or understood array) now supports obtaining elements by index, eg: list[0], list[1:2], list[2:].
      • Operations INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE now support parameter limit().
      • Adds new functions: dateFormat(), toString(), ifnull(), reduce().
      • Adds prefix keywords EXPLAIN, DEBUG and PROFILE to display performance statistics from different aspects.
      • Clause WHERE now supports aggregate functions.

      UQL Modifications:

      • Much wider naming conventions of schema, property, and alias.
      • Function name changes:
        • date_add() -> dateAdd()
        • date_diff() -> dateDiff()
        • day_of_week() -> dayOfWeek()
        • array_union() -> listUnion()
        • starts_with() -> startsWith()
        • ends_with() -> endsWith()
      • Modified Math Operators and Math Functions rules for null data.

      The Ultipa Query Language is created and designed by Ultipa Team.

      Documentation license: Creative Commons 4.0

      Please complete the following information to download this book