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    The Graph drawer is where user can manage graphsets (or graphs) on the server/cluster, it also provides information of the cluster/server and database.

    Manage GraphSet

    All Graphsets

    When it is connected to the instance, Ultipa Manager automatically selects the graphset that was used last time.

    Click the name of the graphset on top of the sidebar drawer, all graphsets in the database will listed in the result views:

    Modify GraphSet

    You may perform the following operations against each graphset:

    • Select: Switch the current selected graphset; only one graphset can be selected at a time, most queries and computations are performed against the selected graphset
    • Edit: Edit name and description of the graphset
    • Mount/Unmount
    • Delete: Cannot be recovered after deletion
      • Node: Delete all node data in the graphset, but keep node schemas and properties
      • Edge: Delete all edge data in the graphset, but keep edge schemas and properties
      • All data: Delete all data (node and edge) in the graphset, but keep all schemas and properties
      • GraphSet and data: Delete all data (node and edge) as well as all schemas and properties in the graphset, also delete the graphset itself

    Add GraphSet

    Click Add GraphSet at the top right corner of graphset list to create new graphset:

    Schema List

    Schema List in the left info pane provides the following information of the current selected graphset:

    • Number and schema of nodes
    • Number and schema of edges

    Click each schema can copy the name of schema.

    Cluster Info

    Cluster Info in the left info pane provides the following information of nodes (servers) in the cluster:

    • Role of node: such as Leader, Follower and Algo; it is represented by icon, hover the icon to see the role name
    • Address of node
    • Memory usage
    • CPU usage

    The highlighted node is the node that is connected with Ultipa Manager. If there is only one server other than a cluster, info of that server is presented under Cluster List.

    Database Info

    Database Info in the left info pane provides the following information and operations:

    • Current user of the database server
    • View tasks
    • View engine info
    • Expiration time of Ultipa Server
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