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      What and How

      This page introduces what products Ultipa provides, how they work in chain to facilitate operations on Ultipa Graph System, and how to obtain these products and learn for free.

      Ultipa Toolchain

      As the world's only 4th-generation graph database, Ultipa offers an unprecedented graph computing experience built on an innovative and intuitive graph toolchain. The toolchain are products needed to go through several mandatory steps to do everything with Ultipa Graph System.

      Components of the Ultipa Toolchain

      The latest released version of Ultipa is V4.4 Ultipa Grid-2.

      Ultipa Deployer

      A cross platform (Linux/MacOS/Windows) command-line-based tool for private deployment of Ultipa server. The user end is able to deploy, update, re-license, start or stop an Ultipa server in one command, without the need for a Docker environment.

      Click to download Ultipa Deployer and check its Manual.

      Ultipa Cloud

      A cloudified provision of Ultipa Graph Database as a Service. It is an end-to-end solution integrating Ultipa Server, Ultipa Manager and Ultipa CLI, offered over public clouds with full spectral features of Ultipa Graph System.

      Click to access Ultipa Cloud and check its Manual.

      Ultipa CLI

      A cross-platform (Linux/MacOS/Windows) command-line-based tool for running UQL and operating Ultipa Graph Database.

      Click to download Ultipa CLI and check its Manual.

      Ultipa Manager

      A highly visualized web-app for querying and managing Ultipa Graph System. Ultipa Manager displays graph data and query results in rich styles with high intractability. It also supports server connection management, graph modeling, user management and more.

      Check more about Ultipa Manager in its Documentation.

      Ultipa Transporter

      A set of cross-platform (Linux/MacOS/Windows) command-line-based tools for fast import and export meta-data files to and from Ultipa graph database. It contains Ultipa Importer and Ultipa Exporter that both can process nodes and edges of multiple schemas in one command.

      Click to download Ultipa Transporter and check its manual.

      Ultipa Analytics & Algorithms

      An ever-growing rich set of graph algorithms fully adapted to Ultipa's highly paralleled graph computing engine. The algorithm packages are offered as hot-pluggable plugins that can be updated without server reboot.

      Please contact us at [email protected] to apply for the Ultipa Algorithm Package, and check its Documentation.

      Ultipa Drivers

      A set of SDKs and APIs for developers to introduce operations of Ultipa Graph Database when building softwares and applications under different frameworks.

      Click to download Ultipa Drivers and check SDK manuals of Java, Python, Go, NodeJS, and API manual Restful API.

      Ultipa Graph Query Language

      Ultipa Graph Query Language (UQL) is a unique high-performance query and management language designed for Ultipa Graph Database and Graph Computing Engine. It has features of DQL, DDL, DML and DCL, and can be invoked via Ultipa CLI, Ultipa Manager and Ultipa Drivers as mentioned above.

      Check more about UQL in its Documentation.

      Ultipa Playground

      A light-weight version of Ultipa Manager to make it easier for those who are new to UQL. It is open to public, bundled with a couple of graphsets adopted by the examples in UQL documentation and other manuals. All operations except modifying data are supported.

      Click to access Ultipa Playground

      Ultipa Certificate Training Program

      Whether you plan to become an Ultipa Certificated Engineer, this 3-hour video series offered by the training program helps develop a comprehensive and vivid cognition of Graph Basics, Graph Databases, Graph Algorithms and UQL.

      Click to access the Training Program and check the training profile.

      Please complete the following information to download this book