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    UQL Editor


    UQL Editor is at the top of Ultipa Manager:

    User & GraphSet Info

    The names of the current server/cluster user and the selected graphset are displayed on the left of the UQL Editor. Click the graphset name, all graphsets in the instance will show in the result views.

    UQL Editing Area

    You can freely write UQL in the editing area, UQL Editor will give hints of commonly used commands, keywords, parameters as well as the schemas and properties in the graphset. Different elements of UQL are displayed in different colors.

    When operating Ultipa Manager interface, such as clicking the View icon of schema in the Schema drawer, the corresponding UQL will be sent to UQL Editor, and user has to run it manually. In some other cases, such as clicking a UQL plugin in the Shortcut drawer, Ultipa Manager will send the corresponding UQL to UQL Editor meanwhile run it automatically.

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    Function Single Line Multiple Lines
    Run UQL Enter Ctrl + Enter
    Line Break Shift + Enter Enter
    History UQL Up/Down Ctrl + Up/Down
    Close Hint Tab Tab

    Run UQL

    Click the Run icon on the right of UQL Editor, run the entire UQL in the editing area:

    When there are multiple lines of UQL, use mouse to select part of the UQL and click the Run icon appears in front of the last visiable line in the editing area, run the selected UQL only:

    When using the above mentioned keyboard shortcut (Enter / Ctrl + Enter), it runs the entire UQL in the editing area.

    Add to Favorite

    Click the Favorite icon on the right of UQL Editor, add the current UQL in the editing area to the Favorite UQLs list, and click the icon again to remove it from the favorites.

    UQL Records

    Click the Records icon on the right of UQL Editor, open the pop-up window UQL Records, which includes lists of History and Favorite UQLs, each list saves 100 UQLs the maximum.

    Click any record, the UQL will be sent to UQL editing area immediately and overwrites any existing UQLs in there. Click the × icon on the right of each UQL to delete the record.

    Full Screen UQL Editor

    Click the Full Screen icon to display UQL Editor in full screen, click the icon again to exit full screen, and running UQL will automatically exit the full screen too.

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