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Enterprise & SMB

Solutions Documents

  • Real Time Graph DB

    Graph Database has performance edges over traditional databases and usually runs 100s or 1,000s of times faster.

  • Real Time Anti Fraud System

    Businesses and governments around the world lose hundreds of billions of dollars each year to frauds, as more and more transactions are going online.

  • Knowledge Computing

    Knowledge Graphs have been welcomed by more and more businesses and researchers, they are natural to model after the real world problems and present them in easy to consume ways.

  • Graph Embedding & AI

    Researchers and scientists around the world are using graphs to tackle real-world problems.

Fintech Solutions

  • Real-time Anti-Fraud
  • Real-time TrxMon
  • Guarantee-Chain Detection
  • Money Flow Tracing
  • UBOs Penetration

Real-time Anti-Fraud

Businesses and governments around the world lose hundreds of billions of dollars each year to frauds as more and more transactions are going online, which makes online fraud detection and prevention necessary. Traditional NoSQL or RDBMS based anti-fraud systems are not capable of real-time millisecond grade decision making that normally requires many micro operations on large amount of connected data. Ultipa Anti-Fraud system is designed to manage tomorrow’s fraud challenge with real-time data ingestion, risk analysis and decision making in a highly concurrent environment.

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Real-time TrxMon

As worldwide regulatory requirements are tightening up, all corporates and financial institutions are pushed to sharpen their weapons against money-laundering. Powered by Ultipa’s real-time deep-graph-traversal engine, TrxMon is capable of instant yet sophisticated transaction risk analysis, such as identifying circular-transacting patterns that were impossible with traditional technologies.

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Guarantee-Chain Detection

In banking businesses, guaranteed loans account for a major stake. Banks are often unaware of situations that many corporates participating the guaranteed loans are forming chain-like structures (i.e., A guarantees B, B guarantees C, so on and so forth) or even circular dependencies (i.e, A->B->C->D->A). Adverse media, law suits, fines by law enforcement or regulators mean risks to bank’s loans. Ultipa’s chain-of-guarantee solution is designed to address this and empower banks with the right tools to detect and identify any potential loan risks with multi-source data, so that they can take preemptive actions to avoid major loss.

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Money Flow Tracing

Credit (and loan) typically is the most profitable and risky product in corporate banking. Regulators and banks are keen to understand and trace how credits are put to use. In corporate governance, tracings are needed on how money are spent and how investments are made, detecting any potential risks and violations of regulations. With Ultipa Graph computing, database and knowledge graph technologies, we are now able to empower banks and corporates to track and trace their credit products and money flow.

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Ultimate Beneficial Owners Penetration

In the world of business, many owners have chosen to hide their identities from surface, they designed scheme to use layers of intermediary companies to gain anonymity or tax benefits or simply for fraud or money-laundering purposes. During the KYC (Know Your Customer) or law-enforcement inspection processes, with Ultipa’s deep graph traversal capabilities, it’s possible to identify the eventual beneficiaries with appropriately modeled business data. Ultipa is 100s to 1,000s of times more efficient, therefore real-time and highly concurrent in conducting such queries, which would have been a manual or labor-intensive activity otherwise.

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