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Ultipa Transporter: Unveiling Upgrades for Effortless Data Migration - Ultipa Graph
Ultipa Transporter: Unveiling Upgrades for Effortless Data Migration - Ultipa Graph

Ultipa Transporter allows users to migrate their data to Ultipa with ease and efficiency. It's a command-line tool offering some easy configuration, eliminating the need for any code design. 

Throughout this year, Ultipa Transporter has undergone some significant upgrades. Beyond its initial support for local CSV files, key features added this year include:

  • Import of JSON and JSONL files.
  • Integration with SQL data sources such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server.
  • Compatibility with BigQuery and Kafaka sources.
  • SFTP file import capabilities.
  • Unified configuration parameters for various data sources.
  • Support for the latest data types added to Ultipa Server.
  • Addition of prefixes to primary and foreign keys during import, ensuring unique data IDs across the entire graph.

We're pleased to announce that the forthcoming release of Ultipa Transporter v4.3.22 will introduce the capability to import data from Neo4j sources, which will streamline the data loading from both traditional table data source and graph data source to Ultipa.

Furthermore, the import feature of Ultipa Transporter has also been integrated into Ultipa manager, forming a new in-built tool named Loader. Loader provides the same batch processing capabilities with an intuitive interface, including support for scheduling triggered workflows.

Loader in Ultipa Manager

Notably, Ultipa Transporter operates seamlessly across Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. For detailed instructions and use cases, please refer to the Ultipa Transporter Documentation.


About Ultipa:

Ultipa is a Silicon Valley based next-generation graph XAI and database company with operations in EMEA and APAC. The team at Ultipa believes that graph augmented intelligence and XAI empower enterprises with their digital transformation process, the process requires the convergence of data intelligence and infrastructure revolution -- in another word Ultipa graph database augments and accelerates AI/ML and smart data analytics, and warrants the benefits of white-box explainability, flexibility and faster time-to-market and value. Ultipa builds the next-generation leading graph XAI and database products and empowers killer applications to be built with celerity and ease in vertical domains like Real-time Fraud Detection, Asset Liability Management (ALM)Liquidity Risk Management (LRM), Low-code Graph-augmented AI+BI Platform, Data Governance (RDA), and etc. Ultipa is backed by world’s prestigious sovereign wealth fund and venture capital firms.