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Ultipa Appoints Yuri Simione as Director of Sales, EMEA - Ultipa Graph
Ultipa Appoints Yuri Simione as Director of Sales, EMEA - Ultipa Graph

Ultipa, a Silicon Valley veterans founded next-generation graph database and killer-app solution provider, announced the on boarding of Mr. Yuri Simione, Director of Sales EMEA, based in Rome, Italy. Yuri bings more than 25 years of experience in IT fields working for multinational companies like Xerox and EMC managing Documentum projects and selling professional services. Yuri will have the exciting responsibility to improve global customer engagement, sales execution and to expand Ultipa's killer-app product and solution matrix to the next level.

Ricky Sun, CEO, Ultipa, said, "We're thrilled to have Yuri on board, and we believe that Yuri's keen interest in and great understanding of new-frontier technologies like Graph Database, Graph Analytics will add immense value to the team at Ultipa, particularly at this point in time that lots of previous generations of technologies are either fading away or hard to keep up with customers innovation or digital transformation needs -- particularly in the areas of enterprise data intelligence and infrastructure revolution. There is a major uprising trend of infrastructure shifting from relational database to big-data, fast-data and eventually to deep data or graph database. Ultipa graph database, as a next-generation graph database addresses existing AI system's black-box problem with white-box, explainability, and rigidness/inflexibility and slowness of data-warehouse or RDBMS, with flexibility, speed and intuitiveness."

(Yuri Simione, Director of Sales, EMEA, Ultipa)

Yuri Simione, Director of Sales, EMEA said, "I am delighted to be part of the Ultipa and to manage sales operations in the EMEA region,” comments Yuri Simione, Director EMEA at Ultipa, about the expansion. "Ultipa has been already very successful in saving costs and implementing completely new and innovative use cases with highest ROI for their customers. I am very excited to help expand the Ultipa global presence in the EMEA region because I truly believe that Ultipa graph database & killer-app solutions can add values to customers data, more than other players who dwell on overly sophisticated and sluggish big-data frameworks or black-box AI solutions."

Ultipa's flagship graph database and vertical applications are offered with MSA (micro-service architecture) software platform, deployable either in Cloud-Native SaaS or On-Premise/Private-cloud fashion.

Ultipa recently was awarded "The World's Most Promising HPC (High Performance Computing) Solution Provider" in 2022 by CIOReview, one of the most prestigious science and technology information review magazines. Enterprise production environment/battlefield hardened Ultipa database is often times 10x to hundreds of times faster than other graph databases. In a large retail and commercial bank's retail fraud detection setup, Ultipa is capable of conducting genuinely real-time decision making in less than 20 milliseconds against each transaction running through online models which is dozens of times faster than previous generation of solutions based on Neo4j, Apache Spark or in-memory databases. In ALM/LRM scenarios, Ultipa is capable to calculating LCR (Liquidity Coverage Ratio) in real-time and conducting attribution-analysis to the finest granularity in real-time and interactive fashion, which was previously impossible with Oracle-based solutions that takes hours if not T+1 or days and are impossible to do attribution analysis (RDBMS simply can't handle it given the computing complexity).

About Ultipa:

Ultipa is a global software products and digital services company that has been driving enterprise digital transformation with graph augmented intelligence, which is believed to be the greatest common factor between data intelligence and infrastructure revolution -- in another word Ultipa graph database augments and accelerates Machine Learning and AI, and warrants the benefits of white-box explainability, flexibility and faster time-to-market and value. Ultipa builds the world's only 4th-generation graph database and killer applications in vertical domains like asset-liability management (ALM), liquidity risk management (LRM), Low-code Graph-augmented BI Platform, and etc. Ultipa is backed by world's prestigious sovereign wealth fund and venture capital firms.

Contact: Global Sales [email protected], EMEA [email protected]

Reference:Ultipa appoints Yuri Simione as Director of Sales, EMEA (