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Ultipa won the 24th Bank Technology Award - Ultipa Graph
Ultipa won the 24th Bank Technology Award - Ultipa Graph

On November 30, 2023, the 24th Bank Technology Awards Annual Awards Ceremony was held at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London, UK. Ultipa, the real-time and HTAP graph database, won the prestigious 2023 Bank Technology Award in the category of "Future Technology - Artificial Intelligence and Data".

The judging committee stated, "These outstanding finalists have had a profound impact on the banking industry with their innovative solutions, excellent customer service, and ultimate performance pursuit. They represent the smartest minds in the industry and are shaping the future of the banking industry."

Ultipa was nominated as a finalist in the "Future Technology - Artificial Intelligence and Data" category, competing with other major brands such as S&P Global and E&Y, and ultimately winning the top spot.

"Winning the Bank Technology Award in this category demonstrates Ulitpa's technological investment and the team's skills, commitment, creativity, and execution. For software providers, this recognition is a valuable recognition of their products and services, as well as recognition of the team's skills, leadership, vision, inspiration, and dedication to industry progress!" The judges said.

Ultipa proudly presented its Real-time LRM System w/ Graph XAI, which essentially is to leverage Ultipa's patent-powered real-time graph database for instant and online liquidity risk management, including but not limited to key innovations like:

  1. Real-time attribution analysis to the finest data granularity, which was previously impossible with traditional RDBMS (relational database management system) like Oracle;
  2. Online, graphical and interactive user experience, which was previously headless and offline (batch-processing based) if using Oracle-like solutions; The elevation of the user-experience is significant in that users won't have to wait overnight (T+1) for retrieval of crucial business performance data, and with added benefits of white-box explainability (Graph XAI);
  3. Accurate and Robust -- the Ultipa's LRM system is NOT only thousands of times faster than Oracle-like systems, but also more accurate and robust, in terms of how liquidity indicators are calculated and reported per regulatory compliance needs.

Ultipa's Graph XAI-powered LRM system has been commercially deployed with multiple large retail and commercial banks -- all these banks have previously suffered on multiple fronts in terms of liquidity (risk) management :

  1. Hard to be compliant with regulations: such as slow to calculate key regulated financial indicators like LCR (Liquidity Coverage Ratio), which, for a large bank, needs to report on daily (or even intraday) basis, but may take T+N (multiple) days if using Oracle-like RDBMS or big-data systems. The collapse of SVB in 1H of 2023 is a typical case of failure of diligent/in-time liquidity risk management. Should they use Ultipa's LRM solution to monitor their liquidity status timely and proactively, they might have avoided triggering the bank-run.
  2. No attribution-analysis: because liquidity management involves tons of data and many tables, which run very slowly over RDBMS, therefore the banks are like walking in the dark and not knowing the KPIs/performances of various metrics.

Ultipa's Director of Global Partnership, Yuri Simione, said: "Many financial institutions have long suffered from the inability to quickly and instantly calculate liquidity indicators, therefore not able to look at many other financial indicators in a connected, unified and holistic view, right now, many of them are being looked at in siloed ways. On the one hand, it's hard and expensive to satisfy external regulatory/compliance needs, on the other hand, it's unproductive and costly for internal management. Ultipa's graph-powered LRM solution is readily available to address these dilemmas and offers 75% lower TCO and intraday liquidity risk management capabilities."

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About Ultipa:

Ultipa is a Silicon Valley-based next-generation graph XAI and database company, extending its operations in EMEA and APAC. The team at Ultipa firmly believes that the fusion of graph augmented intelligence and XAI is a catalyst for empowering enterprises in their digital transformation journey. This process necessitates the convergence of data intelligence and infrastructure revolution. 

Ultipa builds the leading graph XAI and database products, enabling the swift devlopment of killer applications in various domains such as Real-time Fraud Detection, Asset Liability Management (ALM)Liquidity Risk Management (LRM), Low-code Graph-augmented AI+BI Platform, Data Governance (RDA), and more. Ultipa has garnered support from prestigious sovereign wealth funds and venture capital firms worldwide.