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Release Note - Ultipa Graph System V4.0-V4.2 - Ultipa Graph
Release Note - Ultipa Graph System V4.0-V4.2 - Ultipa Graph

Release Version: V4.0-V4.2 Ultipa Grid

Last Release Date: 2023-Q1

Keywords: Demi-schema, Plug-n-play Algorithm, Product Matrix


  • Product Matrix
  • Demi Schema
  • Completed Functionality of UQL
  • EXTA 1.0
  • Plug-n-Play Algorithms
  • Rich Collection of Graph Algorithms (50+)

Supporting Products:

  • Ultipa Cloud
  • Ultipa Deployer 1.0 for V4.x
  • Ultipa Transporter 4.0
  • Ultipa Maker 2.0 for V4.x
  • Ultipa Migrator 1.0 for V4.x
  • Ultipa Manager 4.0
  • Ultipa CLI 4.0
  • Ultipa SDKs for V4.x
  • Ultipa Restful API
  • Ultipa Playground
  • Ultipa BI 1.0
  • Ultipa Monitor 1.0 for V4.x
  • Ultipa Daemon 1.0 for V4.x
  • Ultipa Name Server 1.0 for V4.x


  • Lower Memory Cost
  • Lighting Fast K-Hop, Shortest Path, and everything else revamped
  • Advanced Query Optimizers
  • HTAP & Grid (Name Server) Architecture Support
  • Large Enterprise Grade One-Click Deployment
  • Enriched Graph Embedding / GNN Support

Release Note:

Ultipa Grid, the 4th generation of Ultipa Graph System, keeps creating miracles in the industry last past year by constantly surpassing its older versions. 2022 is a very productive year for Ultipa, after long time of technological accumulation, Ultipa has completed its Product Matrix, which in essence covers various comprehensive tool chains to do everything with and about Ultipa Graph. This includes several mandatory steps in a workflow starting from deploying an Ultipa sever either on premise or in the public cloud, migrating data from different types of data sources in diversified data structures, invoking graph queries and graph management via different user interfaces (CLI, Manager, SDKs, etc.), as well as some extensional applications of Ultipa server.

This Engine V4.0-V4.2 adopts a Demi-Schema mechanism that offers ultimate flexibility in terms of how data modeling and processing is done. Users can go either schema-strict during graph modeling and graph query, which offers superior data processing speed particularly when handling convoluted and heterogeneous types of entities and relations, or schema-free that is super flexible when working with complex graph datasets.

The Completed Functionality of UQL fully covers the features of DDL, DML, DQL and DCL, realized by employing commands of graph modelling, CRUD of metadata, indexes, tasks, users and privileges, queries on path, subgraph. The processing of query results is facilitated with a rich collection of functions and clauses in combination of alias mechanism, which allows those advanced high-dimensional data structures to be operated and returned.

The Plug-n-Play Algorithm feature has been upgraded to a new level by empowering users to not only install and update standard algorithms without system reboot – this is especially useful for enterprise setup, comparable to changing wheels while the training is fast rolling forward – but also extend the analysis capabilities of Ultipa Grid through docking one’s own graph algorithm with an Ultipa engine, which is a mission impossible until the launch of EXTA 1.0.

A highlight should be spotted on one product among all that have been published in the high-productivity fiscal year, the web application, Ultipa Cloud, a graph database as a service with which an Ultipa instance can be started in just a few minutes. Choose either a low-cost configuration of server if you are an individual user who wants to learn about graph, or an enterprise ready for a brand-new business experience brought by graph technology, or elect a server configuration competent for your business profile. It is always paid as you go!

With its last update in 2023-Q1, Ultipa Grid has boasted a variety of new features and optimizations to enhance its performance and robustness, including lower memory cost, more efficient K-Hop and Shortest Path calculations, an advanced query optimizer, and the HTAP & Grid (Name Sever) architecture, making it easier and more efficient for users to manage and analyze their business in large graph datasets.