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Ultipa Releases the First Batch of International Certified Engineer Certificates - Ultipa Graph
Ultipa Releases the First Batch of International Certified Engineer Certificates - Ultipa Graph

Ultipa, a rising star in the field of graph databases, has recently awarded the first batch of Ultipa Certified Engineer certificates to software engineer from North America and Europe.

It is understood that with the increasing international influence of Ultipa, many developers, users, and enthusiasts of graph technology are attracted to learn and explore with Ultipa.

Ultipa certification coverage aims to empower and validate professionals in the field of graph with professional competency and techniques, by committing to providing a leading talent cultivation system and certification standards. It is also a prerequisite for the use and support of Ultipa enterprise level products.

Ultipa issues two levels of certifications: Ultipa Certified Engineer and Ultipa Certified Professional. Each level has corresponding exam requirements and training content, and students can obtain the certification at the corresponding level by passing the exam.

According to Ultipa CEO Ricky Sun, becoming a certified engineer at Ultipa is not difficult. As long as you study 180 minutes of training videos seriously and pass the exam, you can obtain a certificate.

Kodia Alexandre and Adama Ilboudo successfully obtained the certificate after completing the courses Graph Fundamentals, Graph Database, Graph Algorithms, and UQL (Ultipa Graph Query Language) in the system and passing the exam. They excitedly expressed that this helped them understand graph and the applications of graph technology, and gave them more motivation to practise further and to move on to obtain the Ultipa Certified Professional.

Ultipa Certified Professional is an enhanced version of Ultipa Certified Engineer, that the latter aims at a large group (even zero foundation), while the former requires more experience accumulated in the field of database and graph scenarios.

Wanyi Sun told reporters that she is Ultipa's training supervisor: "During the certification learning process, the Ultipa Manager is fully utilized to facilitate candidates' practical learning of UQL. At the same time, candidates can also experience the deep empowerment of graph algorithms in various scenarios such as finance and supply chain." It is understood that Ultipa has the world's richest and fastest graph algorithm library, which includes approximately 100 algorithms.

The certification system is only the tip of the iceberg of Ultipa's endeavour in creating a global technology service ecosystem. The release of its certification marks the orderly promotion of Ultipa's overseas development plan. Ultpa COO Monica stated that Ultipa's certification (as well as training programs) has improved the quality of service provided by independent partners, while empowering customers to master the Ultipa technology stack and smoothly pave the way for digital transformation.

It is worth mentioning that as a rapidly growing deep technology innovator, Ultipa's Graph XAI concept is being recognized by more industry professionals, especially for its model efficiency enhancement, acceleration, and significant improvement in prediction accuracy and interpretability (white boxed) of existing AI/ML/LLM/GPT frameworks; In addition, Ultipa is 10 to 1000 times faster in computational efficiency than other graphics platforms.