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Ultipa Debuted At The London Liquidity Management Conference - Ultipa Graph
Ultipa Debuted At The London Liquidity Management Conference - Ultipa Graph

The 21st Liquidity Management for Financial Institutions Conference was held in London from June 5th to June 6th. Ultipa showcased its industry-first UltipaGraphXAI real-time liquidity risk management system driven by graph-enhanced intelligent XAI technology during the conference.

The conference delved into topics such as responses to macroeconomic environments, optimization of intraday liquidity risk management, changes in liquidity supervision, adapting liquidity risk modeling to new environments, and emerging issues in regulation and digital currencies. The significance of this conference is paramount, especially in the wake of the warning posed by the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank due to interest rate risks, highlighting the need for efficient liquidity risk management. Experts and scholars from various countries provided extensive insights and reflections on these matters during the conference.

The event brought together professionals from central bank regulatory agencies and the financial industry in multiple countries including the UK, Europe, and the Middle East. They shared insights on topics such as 'Adapting Liquidity and Capital Management to Fluctuating Macroeconomic Conditions', 'Effective Intraday Liquidity Risk Management', and 'Utilizing Regulatory Metrics to Drive Financial Strategies, Improve Data Usage, and Address Emerging Challenges'. There was extensive discussion, particularly on how financial technology can effectively empower liquidity risk management and enhance user experiences. Ultipa, as an invited guest and co-organizer, actively participated in the conference. In addition to sharing insights on real-time liquidity management, Ultipa also hosted roundtable discussions with representatives from the European Central Bank on how macroeconomics influence liquidity and related issues.

As the world's first real-time computing engine enhanced with graph intelligence, UltipaGraphXAI's real-time liquidity risk management system offers functionalities such as real-time liquidity indicator monitoring and attribution analysis. This enables financial institutions to effortlessly manage their internal ALM/cash management while adhering to stringent external regulations. During the event, Ultipa showcased its research achievements in liquidity risk management and asset-liability management. This included integrating data from different sources, employing over a hundred high-performance graph algorithms tailored to specific needs, and utilizing the flexible Demi-schema UltipaGQL (UQL), a graph query language. This tool assists users in in-depth exploration of various data aspects, including attributive analysis of liquidity coverage ratio (LCR) fluctuations and understanding how liquidity risk factors correlate with other risk indicators and factors.

During the event, attendees showed immense interest and curiosity about this cutting-edge technology and its series of achievements. Ultipa CEO, Ricky Sun, stated that this technology was developed based on extensive research in the financial sector. They discovered that clients didn't lack data; they lacked a user-friendly tool. With UltipaGraphXAI, clients can conduct flexible, multidimensional, and in-depth analyses from individual customers at the micro level to entire industries and various branches at the macro level. This tool empowers users to gain insights and make inquiries tailored to their needs, ultimately enhancing business decision-making.

Moreover, addressing the financial institutions' high concerns about security and accuracy, Ultipa's real-time graph database system, as an AI-powered graph enhancement, achieves algorithm transparency, interpretability, traceability, and verifiability. This means the technology enables business professionals to see and understand the business logic and relationships between various data points in real-time, allowing precise identification of each risk transmission pathway.

Reportedly, UltipaGraphXAI offers model enhancement, acceleration, significantly improved prediction accuracy, and interpretability features to existing AI, ML, and LLM large-scale models. Its innovative and groundbreaking attributes have a disruptive impact globally.

It's worth mentioning that the technology's core code is entirely self-developed, with 100% intellectual property rights. According to tests, Ultipa outperforms similar products in Silicon Valley by 10-100 times in terms of computational efficiency. In the banking industry, its operational speed in measuring risk management indicators exceeds 5000 times that of the Oracle database.

Moreover, during the construction of the intelligent operation and asset-liability management platform, Ultipa successfully cracked the "black boxes" of Oracle's cash flow engine and rule engine.