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Ultipa COO Monica Guested in TWTA 2021 - Ultipa Graph
Ultipa COO Monica Guested in TWTA 2021 - Ultipa Graph

On March 5, the Teal Around The World 2021 was held and Ultipa's COO Monica Liu was invited to share her Teal thought with the topic of Empowering Team Members To Become Genius In Teal Environment.

Conducted online, this 2-day event invited 30 guests to share their Teal stories and attracted nearly a thousand participators from over 40 countries, 5 times the total number of attendees of its previous event.

Teal Around The World, shortened as TATW, is organized by Teal practitioners from all over the world to inter-exchange the best practices of Teal in enterprise development and management.

Ultipa was founded from day 1 with a Teal spirit and culture in the mind of the founders. Compared to those traditional enterprises with hierarchical structure and KPI system, a Teal company values more of evolutionary purpose, physical and mental wholeness of its employees, and calls for the abilities of self-management.

"The reason why many people are working or living unhappily is that they don't know how to spend their lives," Monica said, "In order to create a proper energy field inside the company, the Teal leaders should focus more on the TAO field rather than business skills to empower and arouse employee's intuitive and spiritual consciousness."

Monica graduated from Tsinghua University and Santa Clara University, then she received her M.B.A. from Harvard Business School while holding managerial posts in world-famous companies like Compaq/HP, Guidant/Abbott. She led a number of entrepreneurial projects prior to starting Ultipa, which helped her gain a rich life experience and a broad international vision. And more importantly, she started to build her knowledge about the impact of Teal culture on the development of enterprise and the personal growth of employees. She stated in her speech: "Since most of our employees have never worked in a Teal company before, one challenge we face is how to build a Teal culture from scratch, to make sure that we have our evolutionary purposes aligned with their personal goals."

To "say no" to business partners is the biggest challenge that Monica and the other decision-makers of Ultipa were facing in the past two years. Driven by the Teal principle, they should find the right investors with higher consciousness and manage the collaboration boundaries with customers, on the premise of which may there be mutual trust and benefit that could nourish a long-term sustainable and mutually-beneficial cooperation.

In fact, the establishment and practice of Teal culture within Ultipa serves as a catalyst for the fast growth of this startup. Ultipa's relentless pursuit of technology innovation and breakthrough is neatly illustrated by its process of recruiting and training talents. After two years of acting in Teal ways, Ultipa created a lot more than what could have been done by traditional organizations:

  1. developed the most intuitive graph database and graph system with the best performance and user experience in the world;
  2. launched the commercial version of the graph database within 18 months, comparing to a similar company launching a similar product using 4~10 years;
  3. signed business contracts with several prestige customers within 2 years, solving lots of difficult issues for some of the world's largest banks;
  4. Achieved 400-employee's workload with less than 40 employees;
  5. helped employees develop their multiple expertise in the workplace;
  6. set up a business culture that helps develop genius, the culture includes always being positive, minimizing limiting beliefs, empowering one another, relying on mutual trust, giving mutual support, promoting honesty and transparency, being playful, being agile to changes, valuing personal spiritual and emotional growth.