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Release Note - Ultipa Graph System V2.X - Ultipa Graph
Release Note - Ultipa Graph System V2.X - Ultipa Graph

Release Version: V2.x Ultipa Colossus

Release Date: 2020

Keywords: UQL 1.0, 30+ Algorithms, Storage Engine


  • High-Density & Parallel Computing Ability
  • Graph Native Storage
  • Query Language in Chain Style
  • ~30+ Graph Algorithms

Supporting Products:

  • UQL 1.0
  • Ultipa Manager 2.0
  • Ultipa Transporter 2.0
  • SDKs Supported (Golang/C++)


  • Command-like UQL Graph Query
  • Multi-Graph Management
  • Auto-net Supported (networked path findings amongst multiple entities)

Release Note:

Ultipa Colossus, the 2nd generation of Ultipa Graph System that has released its V2.0, V2.1 and V2.2, keeps shocking the market in the whole 2020 with its exciting new features and capabilities. The High-Density & Parallel Graph Computing Engine V2.0 upgraded from the previous engine provides improved performance and efficiency by fully unleashing the computing power of the underlying infrastructure, while the Graph Native Storage Engine is invented to continue leveraging the strengths of index-free adjacency data structure that enables fast and seamless data management.

Some outstanding capabilities of Engine V2.0 include its support for multi-graph management, which allows users to store multiple graph datasets and switch from one to another whenever needed, improving productivity. Auto-net is also introduced to upgrade the AB-Path Finding, enabling batch processing of pathing queries by allowing multiple initial entities and terminal entities to be designated. In addition, the engine comes with support for over 30 graph algorithms, making it easy to analyze and visualize complex graph data.

Ultipa Manager 2.0 and Ultipa Transporter 2.0 are the upgraded versions of their previous releases in the 2019. An essential and brand-new product offered this time is UQL 1.0, a powerful command-like graph query language adapting to the engine in all aspects, enabling and simplifying graph query and management.

SDKs for Golang and C++ are also in place for this exclusive graph query language to be invoked when projects or applications are to be built by developers and an Ultipa server can be connected and operated with ease.

Ultipa Colossus retains the powerfulness and versatility from its predecessor while delivering significant improvements. With its advanced features and capabilities listed above, it is well-suited for a wide range of use cases in research, analytics, and data science.