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LCR (Liquidity Coverage Ratio) is a major compliance feature mandated by Basel III, the 3rd installment of the Basel Accords in response to the 2007-2008 global financial crisis. LCR is intended to increase bank liquidity while strengthening its capital requirement. Ultipa offers end-to-end LCR solutions by leveraging Ultipa Server’s superior graph computing power and Ultipa Manager 3D visualization, it’s a true one-of-a-kind killer app for banks to mastering with their assets and liabilities meanwhile satisfying domestic and international regulatory needs without hassles.

  • Pain Points
  • Black-Box

    Traditional RDBMS-based LCR solutions calculate LCR indicator in a black-box fashion without any deep diving capability to explore any factors that offer in-depth understanding of a bank’s flowing liquidity risks and implications to its assets and liability management.

    3D Visualization

    Tired of black-box and un-interpretable LCR or liquidity risks?
    Ultipa LCR offers high performance 3D management console for smooth and intuitive LCR explorations like never before.

  • Unable to Backtrace

    Without the capability of backtracing, banks will NOT know what factors contribute most to the changes of LCR, and what the paths of impact are. Without such information, it would be impossible for banks to get clarity into their core assets and liabilities.

    Everything Quantifiable

    Wanted to know factors, accounts, businesses that contributed the most to LCR? Ultipa LCR makes all data quantifiable and respond to your quant needs in real-time and white-box fashion.

  • No Simulation

    Not being able to simulate in real-time, for instance, how bad the situations would go when certain industries, branches or bank accounts had problems.

    Real-time Simulation

    Simulation features provided in real-time operation help banks to get well prepared for their businesses and mitigate the risk of getting lower than acceptable liquidity.

  • T + 1

    LCR results are usually calculated in T + 1 manner, which increases the difficulty of system test and defers the decision making.

    Real-time LCR

    With Ultipa, LCR can be grasped in couple of minutes and real-time computing of LCR is a reality.