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Ultipa ALM (Asset and Liability Management) is next generation BI killer-app solution designed to empower banks and financial institutions to monitor and manage key indicators, including but not limited to liquidity risk, interest rate, capital, AUM, RWA, EVA, NII, FTP, LCR, leverage ratios, and other factors mandated by Basel III, a global regulatory framework on bank capital adequacy. It’s intended to strengthen bank capital requirements by increasing liquidity and decreasing leverage. ALM offers high-visualization, white-box transparent computing, real-time backtracking and simulation of contribution rate change, real-time business decision-making, impact flow-path identification, stress testing, and etc.

  • Pain Points
  • No End-To-End Solution

    Basel III mandates a full spectrum of regulatory requirements that banks are having hard times coping with. Without end-to-end solution, banks are risking having difficult times managing their infrastructure, datasets, reporting mechanisms in a unified, timely and effective way.

    End-to-end Solution

    Ultipa ALM offers off-the-shelf end-to-end solution to our bank customers to help comb through their infrastructure, data and reporting mechanism, and fill in the gaps in between with our real-time graph database empowered white-box and highly visualized and highly intuitive solution. It goes way beyond the basic needs of compliance, but also satisfying business growth needs via deeper and highly 360-degree quantifiableunderstanding of your crucial data.

  • No Interpretability

    Banks have long been dealing with regulatory compliance issues in ways that are not interpretable, taking LCR as an example, what causes LCR to change from 120% to 105% warrants a solution that has to be explainable, white-box, and quantifiable – knowing what factors contributed to the delta is much desired.

    Full Interpretability

    Liquidity risks, interests, loans, EVA, income, leverage ratio – imagine that all these Basle III factors can be managed, calculated, presented, simulated, backtracable and quantifiable to the best granularity with full interpretability? All things are explained in a highly smooth and 3D GUI, manage your crucial business data like never before.