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In banking businesses, guaranteed loans account for a major stake. Banks are often unaware of situations that many corporates participating the guaranteed loans are forming chain-like structures (i.e., A guarantees B, B guarantees C, so on and so forth) or even circular dependencies (i.e, A->B->C->D->A). Adverse media, law suits, fines by law enforcement or regulators mean risks to bank’s loans. Ultipa’s chain-of-guarantee solution is designed to address this and empower banks with the right tools to detect and identify any potential loan risks with multi-source data, so that they can take preemptive actions to avoid major loss.

  • Pain Points
  • Slowness

    Guarantee chains with complicated structures can keep banks in the dark of an impending chain reaction, or involves manual analysis in each guaranteed loan, which is time-consuming and error-prone.

    Deep Graph Traversal

    Deep graph traversal/penetration identifies any imminent risks associated hot-spot corporate that is involved in loan chainings or rings in the earliest stage, so that bank can be alerted to take actions to avoid major losses.

  • Cost-ineffective

    Manual process is not only cost-ineffective but also un-scalable. This hinders banks to grow their corporate businesses.

    Wholistic View

    Ultipa Graph combines the sheer graph computing power with great visualization that offers banks wholistic view of all their loans and risk factors, and empowers them to deep dive into any chaining loan structure to find out more under the hood.