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Release Note - Ultipa Graph System V1.0 - Ultipa Graph
Release Note - Ultipa Graph System V1.0 - Ultipa Graph

Release Version: V1.0 Ultipa Genesis

Release Date: 2019-12

Keywords: High Density Graph Computing Engine


  • Ultra-Deep Data Penetration that is exponentially faster and deeper than other graph vendors’ systems
  • Highly Visualized Graph DBMS for augmented query/data/results XAI (eXplainability)
  • Ultipa Index-free Adjacency Data Structure employed in graph computing
  • Dynamic Graph Pruning that greatly improves graph traversal efficiency

Supporting Products:

  • Ultipa Transporter 1.0
  • Ultipa Manager 1.0


  • AB-Path Finding and K-Hop Counting within Microseconds
  • Auto Spreading
  • 2D and 3D Visualization
  • Loading Twitter-2010 within 100 Seconds over Public-Cloud (HDD)
  • 30+ Hops Deep Penetration in Real-time

Release Note:

Ultipa Genesis, the version V1.0 of Ultipa Graph System was finally released at the end of this year, introducing the revolutionary High-Density Graph Computing Engine along with its supporting products Ultipa Transporter 1.0 and Ultipa Manager 1.0 to the market. The new engine is based on the Ultipa Index-free Adjacency data structure, offering fast and efficient processing of complex and deep graph data. Additionally, the Ultipa Dynamic Pruning system enables real-time optimization and pruning of data during the filtering and computing against graph data properties, which greatly enhances the engine performance.

The High-Density Graph Computing Engine delivers advanced capabilities such as AB-path finding and K-Hop counting within microseconds, auto-spreading the neighborhood information of any data under concern and allowing for rapid and deep traversal of large graph such as penetration up to 30 layers.

The two powerful products that come in bundle, Ultipa Transporter 1.0 and Ultipa Manager 1.0, are designed to enable the procedure of data import and export, as well as visualizing graph data query and management.

Ultipa Manager 1.0 that offers 2D/3D visualization of graph query parameters, query results and other basic operations on Ultipa Genesis is a web-based user interface to make it easy to handle, explore and understand graph data which are usually complex and high-dimensional.

With Ultipa Transporter 1.0, loading massive datasets is a breeze. For example, the dataset Twitter 2010 that consists of 1.5 billion nodes and edges can be loaded from local files into the remote database in just 100 seconds.

Ultipa Genesis is a game-changing technology that revolutionizes the graph computing landscape, offering unprecedented performance, scalability, and flexibility.