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What We Do

Ultipa was founded with the belief that graph is the ultimate data modeling and processing technology, as the entire industry and business worlds are moving from big data to fast data and eventually to deep data, graph database has clear and imminent potentials to be the mainstream technology that not only empowering business thrusting forward by maximizing value extraction out of deep data mining but also replacing relational databases and traditional big-data frameworks which were not designed for the deep-data era.

Ultipa believes and diligently works on bringing together graph computing engine and knowledge graph technology. In a human 2-brain system, the left brain is a logical but slow knowledge graph, the right brain is a fast and intuitive graph engine, when the two brains collaborate seamlessly, the human functions superiorly in terms of efficiency and efficacy. In light of this, Ultipa builds the world’s fastest and most intuitive next generation graph database products and solutions.

Our Vision

Ultipa empowers connecting finding in real-time by building the world’s fastest and most intuitive graph database. We envision 40-50% worldwide SQL workload will be transferring over to graph database in the next 8-to-10 years, and number of enterprises adopting graph technologies will be growing from 5,000 to 500,000 within this decade (2020-2029)

Our Leadership Team

  • Serial entrepreneur, world-class high-performance computing and storage system and big-data expert, 20-year solid Silicon Valley and Beijing start-up & MNC experience, including Microsoft, Yahoo!, IPDynamics and Splashtop, previously's CEO, former EMC CCOE CTO, author of 6 popular tech books, antique porcelain connoisseur and holder of 50+ U.S and China patents. Currently on the board of Harvard Art Museum’s Asian Art Committee. BSCS from Tsinghua Univ. MSCE from Santa Clara Univ. with honors.

    Ricky Sun

    Founder and CEO

  • Serial entrepreneur in the U.S and China, visionary strategist, top sales, a pioneer in mobile healthcare, a spiritual seeker, former CEO of LifeLink, GM of Abbott Diagnostics North Asia, Director of Strategic Planning of Guidant, currently serving as Asian Arts Curatorial committee of Arthur M. Sackler Museum by Harvard University, BS from Tsinghua Univ., MS with distinction from SCU, MBA from Harvard Business School.

    Monica Liu

    Co-founder and COO

  • Top-notch Algorithm expert, 10+ year solid software engineering and applied research experience from Microsoft R&D APAC, China Telecom Research, BS & MS from Tsinghua Univ. CS major with distinction. Formerly a core team member and product architect of Specialized in extreme algorithm acceleration & performance optimization.

    Victor Wang

    Technical Partner

  • World-class front-end and full-stack engineer, 10-year diversified and extreme engineering and product design experience. Formerly an Alibaba, National Geography lead engineer, engineering lead of – a knowledge graph powered next-gen search engine & content-platform. BS & MS in CS from SUPINFO, France.

    Jason Zhang

    Director of Engineering

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Ultipa Graph builds the world's fastest and most intuitive graph database technology and products (or your business goals) and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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