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How many algorithms

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Hi how many graph algorithms dose Ultipa provide currently?


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    We've developed nearly a hundred algorithms so far and the total number will keep growing. Though many of them are not for public use since they are customized on different clients' demands. This's also the reason why we develop each algorithm hot-pluggable, that the clients always want each algorithm to adapt to their business needs, and the demands of different clients are always different. Some graph database manufacturers provide algorithms in a whole package which we believe is too rigid in use and will cost much to maintain and upgrade.  Please don't hesitate to email if you are considering to discuss with us about your demands.

    We would also recommend Ultipa Cloud, where we provide superfast graph algorithms that are most frequently used, and you could experience super convinient graph algorithm shortcuts as well as how you can install or remove algorithms based on your demands with your instance running unaffected at all.

    Ultipa Team

    admin 2022-12-01
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