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Need help with choosing the right size

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Pearl C2022-11-24


I’m building an accounting software for my business, there’re probably 4-month history data till now overall, what graph size do I need? And what happens when my data gets a lot bigger in the future?



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    It is often hard to decide an instance size, here’s a made-up example for your reference: a small blog platform might start with a storage of 2GB, 10,000 nodes and edges (250 comments, 250 “post” actions, 250 readers who posted them, as well as some config files), it grows with an increment of 300 nodes and edges (either comments, readers or posting actions) per day, then for one month there would be around 9,000+ nodes and edges to be stored in your instance, and 54,000 nodes and edges for half an year, so probably the blog platform needs to be upgraded to an instance whose suggested size is around 64,000 nodes and edges, taking around 12.8GB storage.

    So to decide an instance size, you might need to think about your schema (how your data is related to each other or how your data will be structurally input and stored in a graph) so that you could estimate how many nodes or edges you would need to store in a graph, which takes up different storage. Ultipa Cloud users can freely and dynamically adjust their instance sizes, so no worries about not enough memory or storage when your data grows.

    For specific request for a business customer like you, we would recommend the enterprise provision, which offers 24*7 technical support & consultancy, significant discounts, HTAP cluster deployment, along with full features from standard edition, and we’d love to see you consider this option or consult our team ( about your detailed demands.

    Ultipa Team

    admin 2022-11-24
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