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Businesses and governments around the world lose hundreds of billions of dollars each year to frauds as more and more transactions are going online, which makes online fraud detection and prevention necessary. Traditional NoSQL or RDBMS based anti-fraud systems are not capable of real-time millisecond grade decision-making that normally requires many micro operations on large amount of connected data. Ultipa Anti-Fraud system is designed to manage tomorrow’s fraud challenge with real-time data ingestion, risk analysis and decision-making in a highly concurrent environment.

  • Pain Points
  • Siloed Systems

    Financial institutions often use multiple siloed systems to handle online fraud detection, one or more systems for varied data storage, another system for pattern recognition or learning, and yet another system for decision-making. This is an IT and operations nightmare.

    Ease of Use

    Building a bespoke anti-fraud system is a laborious process; besides, the system can be very difficult to use or optimize. Ultipa Graph loves simplistic design and the sheer joy of empowering developers or analysts with easy to use toolchains to accelerate their time-to-value/market.

  • Not Real-Time

    Online fraud detection must be real-time, every extra second taken to respond means degraded user experience and friction for trusted users. Unfortunately, traditional NoSQL or RDBMS are not capable of instant decision-making on large amount of varied data.

    Lightning Fast

    Speed and latency are two critically important factors in the realm of anti-fraud. Comparing to Spark architecture, Ultipa Graph is at least 100 times faster, thanks to Ultipa’s hyper-parallel and lightning fast in-ram computing architecture.

  • Too Much Data

    Fraud detection requires analyzing against rich variety of data and large amounts of data. This poses a double challenge to traditional fraud detection and prevention system, which’s based on traditional RDBMS or NoSQL systems that can’t handle such data needs.

    High Visualization

    Many of today’s anti-fraud solution systems are complicated and very much black-box to the system owners. Ultipa Graph offers white-box solutions with high visualization – owners can look under the hood with crystal clear visual cues.