This Python SDK is a part of Ultipa Drivers, a set of specifications for developing software and applications using Java, Python, Go and NodeJs. This SDK provides instructions on introducing query and management operations of Ultipa Graph Database into Python programs, both by calling command through interfaces and sending assembled UQLs to an Ultipa server. A basic understanding of UQL query commands and the returned data structures is needed to guarantee a proper usage of the SDK.

python3 -m pip install ultipa
from ultipa import Connection, UltipaConfig
ultipaConfig = UltipaConfig()
ultipaConfig.hosts = ["", "", ""]
ultipaConfig.username = "***"
ultipaConfig.password = "***"
ultipaConfig.defaultGraph = "amz"
conn = Connection.NewConnection(defaultConfig=ultipaConfig)
req = conn.uql("show().graph()")

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