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Eight Scenarios in Digital Risk Management - Ultipa Graph
Eight Scenarios in Digital Risk Management - Ultipa Graph

In a series of reports, the highly prestigious CB magazine (The Chinese Banker) report how 8 risk management scenarios were realized by leveraging Ultipa real-time graph database.

In the official reports by The Chinese Banker, systematic introduction to the benefits of graph computing and knowledge graph to fintech industries, especially to the banks were articulated – by applying these new generation of graph technologies, businesses are seeing great and revolutionary boosts, especially in credit-risk management.

The reports cover 8 scenarios: 
1. Personal Fraud Detection (i.e., Personal Loan) 
2. Enterprise Relationship Graph 
3. Corporate Loan Guarantee Risk Detection 
4. Insights into Supply-Chain Finance Risk 
5. Risk Graph and Customer Risk Awareness 
6. Post-Loan Real Time Monitoring and Management 
7. Money Flow Tracing (i.e., Loan Capital Flow Monitoring) 
8. Repair of Customer Relationship

As the BFSI industry is moving towards the Data+Model+Scenario direction, graph computing and graph databases, with their great capabilities in computing-powering, super-deep analytics and rich collection of algorithms, are empowering BFSI customers with scenarios like hidden enterprise cluster identification, loan-guarantee risk analysis, enterprise community detection and etc.

The development roadmap of AI has shown a rather clear path: from data to big data, from big data to fast data, from fast data to deep data. And, real-time high-performance graph computing offers customers to deep dive into correlated data and maximize their value. If graph database were to be the ultimate database, real-time graph is the shortest path to be there.

As knowledge-graph based AI applications are finding their ways into financial industries, BFSI applications are migrating from Perceptual Intelligence to Cognitive Intelligence – the latter is considered more artificially intelligent than the former. It’s perceived that more product innovation, precise marketing smart customer service and internal risk management or operational management will be powered by such graph-based business intelligence.

To learn more about business scenarios powered by Ultipa Graph, please stay tuned and expect future white papers published by the Ultipa Team.

Links to the 2 articles by The Chinese Banker magazine:
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Article 1: