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CEO Ricky Sun Was Invited By His Alma Mater To Give A Speech - Ultipa Graph


Ricky Sun, the expert on cloud computing and big data, was recently invited to his alma mater to give a lecture on 'real-time graph computing empowers connection finding'. Such keynote lectures have become an important part of the Software Engineering curriculum offered by the Department of Computer and Science of Tsinghua University. Every semester guests from the industry are invited to share their knowledge about industry innovation and trends, and R&D practices related to software engineering, aiming to stimulate students' interest in taking software development as their future career. Nearly ten such reports have been held so far.

Graduated from the Department of Computer and Science of Tsinghua University, Ricky Sun is a world-class expert in fields of high-performance computing and storage systems, big-data and cloud computing with 20+ years of experience in Silicon Valley and Beijing, and previously CTO of EMC CCOE, Managing Director of EMC Labs China, and Visiting Professor of Harbin Institute of Technology. He is the author of several popular science bestsellers, namely, The Essential Criteria of Cloud Computing and Big Data, Software-Defined Data Center, and a few others -- and the owner of over 50 technological patents in the USA and China.

About 140 students from the CS department attended this 70-minute lecture and got updated about how high-dimension graph database will replace the low-dimension traditional database, how the world-class commercial database product is built with systematic and efficient software engineering, and how Ultipa's real-time graph database constructs its graph data structure with low-latency and high-concurrency read-write feature. Further discussion on the optimization of real-time graph computing algorithm and the prospect of graph database were exchanged after the lecture.