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  • Ultipa Joins LDBC And Contributes To The Construction Of Graph Database International Standards


    Based on its leading technological breakthrough and commercial product and marketing achievements in the field of graph database development, Ultipa recently joined the Linked Data Benchmark Council (LDBC for short), which is the official platform of the international graph database benchmarking. Ultipa is to play a constructive role in the formulation of industry standards and specifications such as international standards for GQL (graph query language) and data evaluation guidelines in the financial field.

  • CMB Won The Asian Banker Anual China Awards 2021


    In the Asian Banker Annual China Awards 2021, recently announced by the authoritative financial media Asian Banker magazine, China Merchants Bank (CMB hereafter) won the Achievement In Liquidity Risk Management, which is the only award in liquidity risk management.

  • CMB Head Office Signs Up With Ultipa


    The head office of China Merchants Bank (CMB hereafter) recently signed up with Ultipa, a graph database startup. The two parties will carry out in-depth collaboration on mid-end graph system for liquidity risk management, retail real-time anti-fraud decision-making system, and other aspects of financial technology innovation and applications.

  • CEO Ricky Sun Was Invited By His Alma Mater To Give A Speech


    Ricky Sun, the expert on cloud computing and big data, was recently invited to his alma mater to give a lecture on 'real-time graph computing empowers connection finding'. Such keynote lectures have become an important part of the Software Engineering curriculum offered by the Department of Computer and Science of Tsinghua University. Every semester guests from the industry are invited to share their knowledge about industry innovation and trends, and R&D practices related to software engineering, aiming to stimulate students' interest in taking software development as their future career. Nearly ten such reports have been held so far.

  • Ultipa Raises $21M In Series-A


    The high-performance graph database solution provider, Ultipa, secures $21M in Series-A financing led by a well-known sovereign fund, and its angel investor, CMB International, co-invests in this round of fundraising.

  • Real-Time Graph Computing Drives Health Services


    The undergoing rapid transformation of smart healthcare makes health no longer the exclusive business of medical institutions. Adopting information technology as means of solving human health issues, the knowledge graph systems built upon the multi-dimensional and multi-modal data fusion, and the personalized medical health solutions yielded from real-time graph computing technology are enabling and promoting healthy development across the entire industry chain.