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Function Briefing and Interface Preview

Ultipa Manager, shortened as UM, is an integrated web front-end management, operation and query portal of Ultipa DB and Ultipa Server. Ultipa Manager provides the following core function modules:

  • uQL:short for Ultipa Query Language, a graph database query language with super high performance as well as being simple and practical; all uQLs use functional chaining style.
  • Web-CLI:web command line mode, under which users can insert, delete, query and update the graphset data through uQL, as well as executing graph computing, graph analysis and other complex operations.
  • Path-based queries:two types of path-based queries, namely A-to-B query and K-Hop query.
  • Graph computing and analysis:a large number of graph computing and analysis algorithms are supported, such as ranking, label propagation, connectivity, centrality, similarity, community recognition, belief propagation, as well as graph embedding, graph deep learning algorithms, etc.

A striking feature of Ultipa is that all its algorithms are processed under high-concurrent mode with sufficient engineering optimization, and its performance is exponentially improved compared with other graph databases and graph computing frameworks. Algorithms that are traditionally considered extremely complex and time-consuming (usually run on huge graphs with millions of nodes and edges) can be implemented in real-time (microsecond-millisecond) or near real-time (second-minute) with Ultipa.

Ultipa Manager has below user interfaces:

  • User Login(Diagram 1-1)
  • Main page(Diagram 1-2)
  • Current graphset and cluster information(Diagram 1-3)
  • Graphset display setting(Diagram 1-4)
  • User policies and privileges management(Diagram 1-5)
  • uQL query result interface(Diagram 1-6-1、1-6-2)
  • Graph algorithms dashboard(Diagram 1-7)
  • Algorithm visualization(Diagram 1-8、1-8-2)
  • Graph drawer(Diagram 1-9)
  • Subgraph operation interface(Diagram1-10-1、1-10-2)
  • Graphsets management(Diagram 1-11)
  • Graphsets import and export(Diagram 1-12)

Screenshots of these interfaces are provided for a quick view:

Diagram 1-1:Ultipa Manager User Login

Diagram 1-2:Ultipa Manager Main Page (after logged-in)

Diagram 1-3:Current Graphset and Cluster Information

Diagram 1-4:Graphset Display Setting

Diagram 1-5:User Policies and Privileges Management

Diagram 1-6-1:uQL Query Result Interface(2D)

Diagram 1-6-2:uQL Query Result Interface(3D)

Diagram 1-7:Graph Algorithms Dashboard

Diagram 1-8:Algorithm Visualization (for example of Louvain)

Diagram 1-8:Louvain Visualization in 3D

Diagram 1-9:Graph Drawer

Diagram 1-10-1:Subgraph Operation Interface(left click - edit node)

Diagram 1-10-2:Subgraph Operation Interface(right click - search more)

Diagram 1-11:Graphsets Management

Diagram 1-12:Graphsets Import and Export