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Be Inspired and Be Innovative

Ultipa is a teal organization. Our initiators believe and share a view that teal organization is committed to meeting the common needs of individuals, enterprises and wider society. As a teal organization, Ultipa pays attention not only to economic benefits, but also to the development of people in enterprises. We see our organization as a force with independent goals and directions, not just a machine to implement management rules. We strive to build an autonomous, complete and continuously improving cyan culture. We recruit spontaneous and autonomous employees with strong purpose and sense of social responsibility. We treat the complex real world in a flexible and continuous way, and achieve continuous progress with rapid learning, teamwork and full passion.

  • Autonomy

    The efficient operation of Ultipa is inseparable from the equality of all its members. Everyone has absolute autonomy in his/her professional field, as well as an obligation to communicate and coordinate with other partners. Power and right are evenly allocated in the daily operation of the whole organization, rather than relying only on key personnel in special positions.

  • Evolutionary-purpose

    Teal organizations base their strategies on what they sense the world is asking from them. This agile perception and response replaces rigid plans, budgets, targets, and performance measurements. Surprisingly, when they paid less attention to profits and owner's equity, teal organizations obtained economic benefits that their competitors could not match.

  • Inner Integrity

    Ultipa encourages its members to regain their inner integrity. We create an environment wherein people feel free to fully express themselves, bringing incomparable levels of energy, passion, and creativity to work.

  • Knowledge Sharing

    Knowledge shared within Ultipa team includes but is not limited to company business trends, industry hot spots, project progress, technical best practice, employee life, and company policy announcement. We believe that team consensus enables everyone to keep up with and lead the evolutionary progress of the whole team.

  • Ownership

    Flat hierarchy does not necessarily mean chaos in daily operations. On the contrary, we strongly encourage each member to give full play to his/her sense of ownership, innovation, and leadership in his/her daily work. Help from other members is always welcomed in the sense of 'the other side of ownership is stewardship', which is all for one and one for all.

  • Team Building

    Many people's work inspiration and spiritual improvement come from the moment when they take some time off and slow down a bit to reflect on who they really are and what their purposes of life and work are. Team Buildings are held regularly, members with little work contact will deepen their understanding and cooperation with each other, so as to have a new revelation of the work, the company, even society and life.

  • Incentive Program

    The inner passion for work can be sweetened with external motivation. Both direct and indirect contributions to the company's business growth can be measured down to their impactful value. This is not only the recognition of the work done but also a more sensible wealth distribution tagged along with the company's growth - eventually giving the employees sense of ownership.

Opening Positions

R&D Engineer C++

  • Job Responsibilities:
  • 1. Participate in the research and development of Ultipa high performance and high parallel graph computing engine;
  • 2. Participate in the research and development of Ultipa graph database storage engine;
  • 3. Participate in the research and development of Ultipa graph database transactional system;
  • 4. Participate in the development of network communication service and network protocol;
  • 5. Participate in the research and development of UQL parser/optimizer/executor;
  • 6. Participate in the development of HTAP high available distributed system;
  • 7. Participate in the development of underlying monitoring tools, high performance import tools, cluster operation and maintenance tools.
  • (One or more of the above)

  • Job Requirements:
  • 1. Excellent data structure foundation and logical thinking;
  • 2. Proficiency of using C++ 14+;
  • 3. Rich knowledge of network and computer principles;
  • 4. Ability to debug efficiently.

  • Bonus Points:
  • 1. R&D experience in database underlying system;
  • 2. R&D experience in distributed system;
  • 3. Proficiency in high concurrency and multithreading programming;
  • 4. R&D experience in storage system and file system;
  • 5. Understanding of RPC principle and experience in mainstream RPC libraries such as grpc, thrift, etc;
  • 6. Quick learner, open minded, creative and innovative;
  • 7. Linux R&D/deployment/debug;
  • 8. Familiar with language parser such as flex/bison, antlr.

  • Base: Beijing/Shenzhen

Software Engineer Java

  • Job Responsibilities:
  • 1. Be responsible for the development of graph database applications and health management graph knowledge system;
  • 2. Cooperate with requirements analysts to complete the design of software system and module;
  • 3. Assist in testing the software system and module;
  • 4. Environmental deployment and troubleshooting of customer side.

  • Job Requirements:
  • 1. Full-time bachelor degree or above in computer, electronics, mathematics and other related majors, love programming;
  • 2. Proficient in Java programming language, more than 3 years of Java background development experience;
  • 3. In-depth understanding and practice of Linux operating system, network protocol stack, server-side development, database software development and web framework technology;
  • 4. Familiar with various data structures, computer architecture, web and full stack technology;
  • 5. Self driven, flexible and creative thinking, good at learning, believe in lifelong learning and progress;
  • 6. Be used to Silicon Valley style with flat hierarchy;

  • Base: Beijing

Software Engineer Golang

  • Job Responsibilities:
  • 1. Design solutions for finance and other industries based on Ultipa real-time graph database;
  • 2. Participate in the design of system technical scheme, core coding and system tuning;
  • 3. Participate in special technical research, new technology introduction and other forward-looking projects;

  • Job Requirements:
  • 1. Master Go(required) and at least one other programming language such as python, nodejs, Java, C++, etc;
  • 2. In-depth understanding and practice of Linux operating system, network protocol stack, server-side development, database software development and web framework technology;
  • 3. Familiar with various data structures, computer architecture, web and full stack technology;
  • 4. Solid programming ability, excellent design and code quality;
  • 5. Love programming, strong learner, thirst for knowledge, curiosity and enterprising spirit, be updated to the latest technology in the industry.

  • Base: Beijing/Shenzhen

Software Engineer Web Front-End

  • Job Responsibilities:
  • 1. Participate in the design of graph data systems and solutions;
  • 2. Responsible for front-end R&D related to graph database products;
  • 3. Produce efficient and neat code and continuously optimize front-end performance and user experience.

  • Job Requirements:
  • 1. Excellent JS foundation, functional programming, and ability of developing algorithms;
  • 2. Proficient in Vue or react, and good knowledge about source code;
  • 3. Proficient in reading English documents, faster learner;
  • 4. Willing to create his own way of solving problems;
  • 5. Understand at least one type of database and one back-end language;
  • 6. Self-taught D3, Canvas, Three.js and webGL.

  • Base: Beijing

Big Data Engineer

  • Job Responsibilities:
  • 1. Learn UQL, learn and participate in the R&D of Ultipa native graph database, and complete the cluster deployment of graph database and computing engine.
  • 2. Learn high performance graph algorithms and provide technical support for landing applications in data analysis or real-time scenarios.
  • 3. Implement data cleaning using mainstream big data platforms and ETL to Ultipa graph database, and perform data analysis, real-time modeling and calculation, etc;
  • 4. Participate in the development of peripheral products based on Ultipa native graph database, such as data converter middleware, database monitoring program, data operation and maintenance tools, etc;
  • 5. Participate in the discussion and implementation strategy of killer apps based on Ultipa graph database and graph computing engine, data analysis and docking of data warehouse, Spark on Hive development, ETL engineering.

  • Job Requirements:
  • 1. Proficient in SQL and rich experience in using relational databases;
  • 2. Able to develop using least one programming language, such as Python, Golang, Java, Node, etc;
  • 3. Master the common tools of Linux operating system, such as sed, awk, etc;
  • 4. Can write shell scripts;
  • 5. Experience in using big data platform tools, such as spark and hive, and understand their principles.
  • 6. Deeply participated in data processing, data cleaning, data development and other projects;
  • 7. Master computer principles and common data structures;
  • 8. Good learning and communication skills.

  • Base: Beijing

Test Engineer

  • Job Responsibilities:
  • 1. Mainly responsible for the testing of graph data products;
  • 2. Realize automatic test cases, test frameworks and various gadgets through coding;
  • 3. Be responsible for the design of various test cases and automatic testing (interface and UI automatic testing);
  • 4. Responsible for other work related to testing.

  • Job Requirements:
  • 1. Master at least one or two programming languages, such as Python, Java, Go, C++, experience with SQL;
  • 2. Be familiar with basic test theory such as white box test, black-box test, etc;
  • 3. Be familiar with the basic principles of performance test and stress test, independently analyze various indicators of performance test, and be familiar with performance test tools;
  • 4. In depth understanding and practice of Linux operating system, network protocol stack, server and database software.

  • Base: Beijing/Shenzhen

Technical Support

  • Job Responsibilities:
  • 1. Be responsible for after-sales technical support, and operation and maintenance support of Ultipa graph database;
  • 2. Responsible for the training and certification system construction of Ultipa graph database;
  • 3. Skillfully use Ultipa products to complete the deployment test and training of relevant data sets;
  • 4. Responsible for customer after-sales technical Q&A;
  • 5. Cooperate with core developers to efficiently solve problems such as field testing and products;
  • 6. Complete other tasks assigned based on business needs.

  • Job Requirements:
  • 1. More than 3 years of relevant experience in technical operation and maintenance or technical support;
  • 2. Strong communication skills and flexible response to problems;
  • 3. Fast learning and adaptability.
  • (Career path: master deployment skills, usage of Ultipa graph database and related products, and become an Ultipa graph database expert.)

  • Base: Beijing

Technical Documentation

  • Job Responsibilities:
  • 1. Deeply master product characteristics and skillfully use Ultipa self-developed high performance distributed graph database;
  • 2. Create product technical documents, user manuals, user cases, etc., and describe product logic, operation process, application scenarios, solutions, best practices, etc., with clear, accurate and concise language;
  • 3. Manage multi version documents of multiple products in the company's product matrix;
  • 4. Create documents in multiple formats (markdown/ TML, PDF, word, pptx, etc.).

  • Job Requirements:
  • 1. Bachelor degree and/or above, or equivalent overseas education, in computer, mathematics and other related majors;
  • 2. Interested in writing technical documents;
  • 3. At least 3 years of relevant experience in bilingual technical document writing;
  • 4. Good communication skills, teamwork ability, self driving, a fast learner, and adapt to the flat Silicon Valley working style.

  • Bonus Points:
  • 1. Understand graph database and knowledge graph;
  • 2. Proficient in English document translation and writing.

  • Base: Beijing

Product Manager (Data)

  • Job Responsibilities:
  • 1. Be responsible for the data research of the business system of financial institutions (such as banks);
  • 2. Complete data sorting, demand sorting and rule model analysis of financial institutions;
  • 3. Complete the data accuracy verification of the existing system;
  • 4. Learn Ultipa high performance graph computing, graph analysis and graph database characteristics.

  • Job Requirements:
  • 1. Bachelor degree or above, major in finance and accounting or relevant work experience;
  • 2. Have relevant working experience in data management and data analysis;
  • 3. Familiar with SQL, strong in data analysis and logical thinking;
  • 4. Active communication, open-minded, details, good at learning.

  • Bonus Points:
  • 1. Working experience in banking system;
  • 2. Skillfully operate SQL for data analysis;
  • 3. Good at learning and communication, open-minded.

  • Base: Beijing/Shenzhen

Project Manager

  • Job Responsibilities:
  • 1. Communicate project requirements with customers, pre-sales consultation and project planning, formulating overall demand scheme and detailed implementation scheme, and managing and maintaining project process materials;
  • 2. Responsible for project initiation, progress tracking and control, risk assessment and control, etc., and overall planning of project management;
  • 3. Communicate with project team members and customers, coordinate resources, deal with cooperative project problems, and ensure project quality and progress;
  • 4. Precipitate and optimize the project management process to improve work efficiency;
  • 5. Improve customer satisfaction while controlling project cost;
  • 6. Complete other project management related work.

  • Job Requirements:
  • 1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer software;
  • 2. More than 2 years of software R&D experience, more than 3 years of project management experience, able to manage multiple projects at the same time, and experience in toB-end product or financial product project is preferred;
  • 3. Passed the information system project manager (Senior) certification or PMP certification;
  • 4. Excellent project management ability, can communicate well with different roles in the team, and can give full play to the role of gears;
  • 5. Be able to make more breakthroughs in the rhythm of rapid development, grow rapidly, adapt to the changes of the team and create appropriate design schemes;
  • 6. Willing to learn, self driven, good at communication, love product design and can withstand pressure.

  • Base: Beijing

Sales Manager

  • Job Responsibilities:
  • 1. Responsible for the development and maintenance of financial customers, and complete sales targets and tasks;
  • 2. Establish a complete customer resource base and establish a long-term good relationship with customers;
  • 3. Expand and maintain sales channels and maintain good relationships;
  • 4. Cooperate with bidding.

  • Job Requirements:
  • 1. Bachelor degree or above, more than two years of Internet software and database sales experience;
  • 2. Be familiar with the financial industry, especially banking business. Having bank customer resources is a plus;
  • 3. Good communication skills and business negotiation skills;
  • 4. Love sales, have strong dedication, pressure resistance and self-confidence;
  • 5. Recognize Teal culture and values.

  • Base: Beijing/Shenzhen

Sales Assistant

  • Job Responsibilities:
  • 1. Follow up the sales contract to ensure that the contract is signed on time;
  • 2. Be responsible for maintaining good customer relations to ensure the smooth implementation of the contract;
  • 3. Establish a complete customer resource base and establish a long-term good relationship with customers;
  • 4. Cooperate with bidding;
  • 5. Other work arranged by leaders.

  • Job Requirements:
  • 1. College degree or above, with good customer service awareness and concept;
  • 2. Good communication skills and business negotiation skills;
  • 3. Strong pressure resistance and self-confidence;
  • 4. Recognize Teal culture and values.

  • Base: Beijing/Shenzhen

Opening Positions