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Use Case: Realtime Call Fraud Detection

Fraud detection is a very common scenario in many industries like banking and financial services sectors, telco carriers, energy grid, or any Internet services industry. In this use case, we’ll be introducing a real-time call fraud detection in a large-scale call network – any call that’s taking place is monitored and graphically calculated in real-time for its potential level of fraudulence, and follow up actions can be taken to mark the caller and to protect the recipient of the call by alerting him/her.

Call Fraud Detection in Telco Carrier Network

There are two input sources from the telco network that are directly call-record related, these data will be used for graph computing:

  • Call Event: caller ID, callee ID, call Time
  • Call Detail Record (CDR): Caller ID, callee ID, call Time, and Call Duration (in seconds).
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